February is the shortest month and was a little light on relevant news this year as well. There were, however, some highlights that I’d like to share: Children’s Health Despite programs to promote healthy eating for children and adolescents, kids are still being exposed to food-related advertising at school (Counsel & Heal). This is prompting a call for standards to be created regarding this food. Over 60% of elementary school children are exposed to some kind of coupon and almost half… Read more »

Today I have an exciting announcement for everyone. Since launching MTHFR Living last summer I’ve been swamped with emails and comments from all over the world. I’m so excited that news and understanding of MTHFR and other common gene mutations (SNPs) is spreading both here in the United States and internationally. This awareness is empowering everyone to take charge of their own health. Whether you suffer from chronic illness or are simply interested in preventative and anti-aging medicine, MTHFR gene… Read more »