Today I have an exciting announcement for everyone. Since launching MTHFR Living last summer I’ve been swamped with emails and comments from all over the world. I’m so excited that news and understanding of MTHFR and other common gene mutations (SNPs) is spreading both here in the United States and internationally. This awareness is empowering everyone to take charge of their own health. Whether you suffer from chronic illness or are simply interested in preventative and anti-aging medicine, MTHFR gene mutations and those SNPs and diseases that are closely related to them should be on your radar.

In order to help me cope with the demand for information, and to help you find the answers you are looking for, I’ve launched the MTHFR Living Community Forums. This is a free place to ask questions, get answers, be a resource for others, share information and learn, learn, learn. Several of you have already registered and that’s wonderful – I’m thrilled! But maybe you haven’t seen much conversation there yet. Until now I haven’t made a big blog announcement so here it is.

I know many people prefer anonymity and don’t want to have their health conditions and issues recorded on a site like Facebook. This platform solves those problems. Your username can be whatever you want it to be and will never be connected to your identity online. You will be able to easily search the community archives when you are looking for information and there will be a support system for you there when you need it.

With the launch of the community, I’m shifting all personal health-related comments and conversations to the fourms. Comments about individual health issues or questions will no longer be approved on the blog – only on the forums. Comments are now reserved for those wanting to add information to articles, correct any inaccuracies or to make a general comment about the post that does not require a response from me. The reason for this is very simple.

I am just one person.

I love reading your emails and comments and wish I had the time and resources to respond to everyone privately. But after reviewing how I spent my time during the first six months of MTHFR Living I realized that answering everyone individually, or even in the comments where the conversation isn’t organized, is less efficient than discussing these things on a community platform. In this setting others can find your comments, read them, search for them and even answer them. I’m just one person. I have my particular MTHFR experiences but there are so many others, and so many other SNPs and health issues and treatments that I haven’t been able to explore or learn about. I now dedicate 25% of my time to continuing education on health topics and I’m sure many of you now devote a portion of time to this learning as well. We all have our different competencies and knowledge areas – having access to each other is so much more powerful than just having access to me. And I want to learn from you too!

I invite not only patients but also practitioners to participate in this community. You may name your practice and specialties in your signature – I encourage it. In the future I plan to offer events such as doctor, practitioner and expert Q&As from all over the world. The forums include a variety of topics, from health and medical topics to clean living and food. So there is going to be something for everyone and we’ll expand as needed.

There’s not a whole lot of discussion going on at the moment. I know, I know…nobody wants to go first! But please don’t be shy – jump in and ask your questions. Things are always slow at the beginning of a new community, but I anticipate that will change quickly.

I look forward to seeing you over there! Membership is completely free.


If you have a comment that is related to your own health or have questions that require an answer, please leave these in the community discussion forums and not in the comments below. Thanks! =)

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