Last week I had the pleasure of hearing from several leading doctors, health practitioners and thought leaders as I attended the online Future of Nutrition Conference, which was presented by The Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I wish I had enough time to hear every speaker but unfortunately my schedule only allowed me to listen to a few people each day. The ideas presented were both progressive and insightful and I thought it would be nice to share some… Read more »

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, which is an important topic for me. My mother and grandmother both had breast cancer. While it did not take either of their lives, they certainly struggled with the illness. In August I wrote about the results of my first breast thermogram: I have early signs of fibrocystic breast disease, which can be a precursor to breast cancer. So I’ve been taking several steps to reverse this and, in honor of this month of… Read more »

Breast cancer runs in my family. Both my mother and my grandmother (her mother) had it. Now, my grandma will be celebrating her 90th birthday in the coming weeks. She’s always lived a very healthy lifestyle and when I was a young child she looked after me and, along with my parents, made sure that I had the best start possible in life health-wise. They were meticulous about family nutrition. My mother passed away almost a decade ago, but not… Read more »