I’m just starting to explore beans as a protein alternative to meat. Cannellini beans are attractive because, in addition to being low glycemic, low in fat and rich in fiber, they are also wonderful for detoxification. They are high in molybdenum, which stimulates detoxifying enzymes in the body, helping to remove dangerous substances like acetaldehyde and sulfites. They are also packed with antioxidants. Be sure to always boil Cannellini beans for at least 10 minutes before consuming them – they contain… Read more »

No, this blog hasn’t turned into an episode from the show Breaking Bad. I’ve never even seen in person the more insidious substance that drives that program. I’m talking about methylated B vitamins here, which are crucial to conquering MTHFR. I’m not planning on telling you how to dose in this post, but I was pretty confused about what to do when I first learned I had MTHFR and, like you might be, I wanted to know how much and… Read more »

In my last post I talked about my experience with breast thermography and how my baseline thermogram revealed that I’m having some issues with lymphatic blockage and fibrocystic breast changes. One of the tips that my thermographic technician told me about was a technique called dry brushing. I am doing this daily now and always before I get in the shower. It feels amazing and has a number of health benefits including stimulation of the lymphatic system and improving the… Read more »