Last week I learned of yet another thing that we all need to watch out for on food labels. Sadly this one is found all over the place, in organic food as well as standard packaged foods and in personal care products. Carrageenan is a common thickener and emulsifier derived from red seaweed, which has been shown to cause gastrointestinal inflammation, lesions, ulceration and even malignant tumors in animals. Scientists have been warning that this is not a substance that… Read more »

With so many health problems linked to MTHFR it can be difficult to understand what exactly it is that can make this gene mutation so serious, even deadly. I’ve covered detoxification issues quite a bit on this blog up until now but the other real and related danger of having the MTHFR genetic defect is elevated homocysteine. In fact, if we’re talking about MTHFR as a disorder the original name for it is hyperhomocysteinemia. From my own research I can trace… Read more »