Today I have an exciting announcement for everyone. Since launching MTHFR Living last summer I’ve been swamped with emails and comments from all over the world. I’m so excited that news and understanding of MTHFR and other common gene mutations (SNPs) is spreading both here in the United States and internationally. This awareness is empowering everyone to take charge of their own health. Whether you suffer from chronic illness or are simply interested in preventative and anti-aging medicine, MTHFR gene… Read more »

The New Year is off to a flying start, not just for me but for the health research community as well! Hope this post finds everyone in good spirits and ready for a healthy and productive 2014. Something I am trying to work on this year is positive thinking. I think it’s really important to stay optimistic, no matter what life throws at us. Finnish researchers recently mapped parts of the body that are activated by each emotion and discovered… Read more »