Improving my eating habits has been a process for me. When I made a commitment to a healthier lifestyle I started to think about food in a completely different way. What we put in our bodies is tremendously important. What you ingest and how you digest it can be the single most important key to looking after your health in the long term. As Hippocrates said, “all diseases begin in the gut.” Food has no longer become simply an act… Read more »

A great summer favorite for me is a fresh salad, prepared with high quality organic ingredients. This one is easy to change up – simply substitute different vegetables or add some grilled or roasted protein on top. Marinated goat’s cheese is a tasty addition here, just drown rolled chunks of it in olive oil and your favorite seasonings in a jar, and place in the fridge for at least an hour (the longer you leave it the deeper the flavor)…. Read more »