Back in August I talked a little about my very unpleasant appointments with one of the reproductive endocrinologists (REs) I saw this year. What I haven’t shared is the wonderful RE experience I had over the last couple of months with a different one. It may sound harsh, but I’m going to refer to these two as Dr. Good and Dr. Bad. Because some of these REs really do their patients a disservice and deserve to have their motives questioned…. Read more »

*Updated March 10, 2016* After two and a half months on MTHFR supplements I was feeling pretty good. My homocysteine was (and hopefully still is) down and the fatigue I was feeling at the start of treatment was starting to ease. I had my second appointment with my doctor where we looked over my lab results and she ordered a few more tests. One of the things that came up was that my methylmalonic acid (MMA) was elevated. When you’re… Read more »