I’ve been on my new healthy eating and proper supplementation regimen for MTHFR for over two weeks now and I’m feeling great. The first days were a little rough, feeling like I had very slight flu-like symptoms, I guess as my body began to detox. But it’s been smooth sailing since then. The funny thing about food preferences is the way we perceive taste and desire. I know I’ve fallen into the trap of craving fast food, junk food or… Read more »


Ah, if only it were all so simple. I look at my older relatives and the way some of them simply go to the doctor, take what he or she says as truth, apply it and hope for the best. After all, why would you question a doctor? The person went to medical school and must certainly know more than I do. He wouldn’t try to harm me. He genuinely cares about what is going on with me and wants… Read more »