My Macedonian relatives make a version of these with fresh sweet bell peppers from the garden. Get ready for delicious, tender-crisp shells with a creamy cheese and rice filling. As usual, I use goat’s cheese, but if you aren’t off regular dairy you can substitute Feta and Manouri cheeses. Use whatever color peppers you prefer, or a variety for more attractive presentation. 5 long frying peppers or bell peppers 1 cup brown rice 3 T extra virgin olive oil 3… Read more »

A great summer favorite for me is a fresh salad, prepared with high quality organic ingredients. This one is easy to change up – simply substitute different vegetables or add some grilled or roasted protein on top. Marinated goat’s cheese is a tasty addition here, just drown rolled chunks of it in olive oil and your favorite seasonings in a jar, and place in the fridge for at least an hour (the longer you leave it the deeper the flavor)…. Read more »