In my last post I talked about nutrition and developing a healthy eating plan for yourself. Today I want to explore something that is just as important as what you eat: your gut. What good is it to put all those healthy nutrients into your body in the form of food if your digestive system is so messed up that you can’t absorb anything properly? How can you feel good mentally if you constantly have a gut-ache? Our digestive systems… Read more »

For part one of this post and 13 more tips on improving your digestion and gut health, click here… 14. Remove food allergens. Food allergens cause irritation in your digestive tract and prevent you from absorbing the nutrients in your food or breaking down food properly. Undigested food particles can enter your circulatory system through leaks in your intestines, causing an immune system response. This causes unpleasant reactions. Identifying which foods are problematic for you can be challenging, but doing so… Read more »