If you began a new health regimen last year, how did you do over the holidays? If you slipped, don’t despair. Staying motivated is difficult and only about 10 per cent of people can do it on their own. It’s not too late to get right back on the wagon – maybe you’ve even made a New Year’s resolution to get healthier this year. Breaking old patterns is difficult and I want to share some tips to help you stick… Read more »

It’s that time of year in our household: time to visit the dentist. This year we started seeing a different kind of dentist. Biological dentists differ from traditional dentists in a number of important ways: A biological dentist looks at the teeth and oral tissues as part of the whole human body. What happens in your mouth is indicative of other systemic dysfunction and the procedures and materials used in treating dental problems affect the rest of the body as… Read more »