We accept guest posts on MTHFR Living.


  • The topic can be anything related to MTHFR and associated gene mutations (this list is broad). The focus is on health and proactive information that our readers can use. Lifestyle articles will also be accepted, so if you have tips for healthy living and holistic healing please feel free to submit. We also welcome evidence-based articles with the latest in news related to this area of health, and personal journey stories as long as they are well-written and will have some benefit to the reader.
  • All posts will be edited for content and quality and we may come back to you with requested edits prior to publishing (usually only in the event of grammatical errors or inappropriate content).
  • Your post may not appear anywhere else on the internet, either now or in the future.
  • The post should come from your own knowledge and/or experiences. Obviously citing the research of others to support your thesis is fine but we are not looking for posts that talk about the experiences of others or simply regurgitate an article published elsewhere with no original contribution from you.
  • You must include at least one image or photograph to accompany your post (735 pixels wide minimum). Creative commons licensed stock photography is acceptable.
  • You must include a personal biography (two to three sentences minimum) and a personal link. You may also include links for up to two of your social media profiles.
  • No posts written solely for commercial purposes will be accepted. This is at the discretion of the editor. We reserve the right to refuse any post for any reason.


Simply email me at info AT mthfrliving DOT com

Please pitch your idea before proceeding with its creation. The only reason I would reject a post is if it doesn’t follow the above guidelines or if it is not up to the writing quality standards of this website, but it doesn’t hurt to double check. Please note your delivery date for all the materials and please stick to this date.

All guest posts will be placed on the editorial calendar in the order they are received. Missed deadlines will result in removal from the calendar and reassignment to the next available slot. You will set your own deadline so please be sure to allow yourself enough time.

All posts are non-paid. In return you receive exposure to our thousands of monthly visitors and hundreds of subscribers, as well as the warm and fuzzy benefit of helping others achieve better health. This blog does not turn a profit so please be assured that nobody here is making money from your hard work.

Should you wish to be even more interactive with our readers, we can set up a live question and answer session on our forums. Just ask for more information.

Thank you in advance for your contribution and we look forward to hearing from you!