Since going dairy-free I’ve become obsessed with finding alternatives to milk. I was never a big milk drinker to begin with, but cheese and yogurt were staples for me. While I love almond milk and I still eat goat’s cheese for now, I needed to find more items to substitute for cow’s milk products.

Enter coconut. I had no idea how many products exist that make use of this aromatic tropical fruit. And not only is coconut sweet and delicious, it’s healthy in moderation too. Coconuts have a long history of being used around the world for medicinal and nutritional purposes. It kills viruses, bacteria and fungus (including common ones like candida, influenza and throat infections). It expels parasites and also protects the body and prevents a variety of other illnesses. It’s a highly potent antioxidant that supports thyroid health, relieves symptoms of inflammation and other chronic disorders and even helps to prevent cancer. It can also help the immune system, blood sugar levels and hormones.

I used to only know of coconut water and coconut milk, which I primarily use to make Thai-style curries. But since I’ve been spending more time inside organic supermarkets I’ve come across a whole slew of coconut products, some of which you can check out in the slideshow above. These have been a little hit and miss for me. For example, I find the non-dairy creamer to be way too sweet for my taste and the cultured coconut milk just isn’t close enough to yogurt for me (I always preferred the plain-variety to the fruity ones though). But it’s always nice to have alternatives for baking and sweet treats!

One article I found, however, makes a savvy caution against the BPA found in the lining of canned products, of which coconut milk is one. This is particularly problematic for fatty food, a category that coconut milk falls into. So just be careful about your packaging as always and be sure not to consume too much canned coconut milk.

What’s your favorite coconut product?

4 thoughts on “Crazy For Coconuts

  1. Megan

    and regarding coconuts, coyo is the one thing i absolutely can NOT find in oslo. ive searched high and low. most things i can have shipped or pick up in sweden, but coyo cant be. i told my mom i need a whole foods giftcard for my bday for when i come to the US. i have a feeling at least 25% will end up spent on it 🙂


    1. Andrea Post author

      I spend way too much money at Whole Foods, haha. I’ve also started eating for my blood type now and apparently coconut oil is ok for me but not the fruit itself. I still indulge in coconut milk and coconut water from time to time. I love the sugar as well – so much better than white or brown sugar! John even likes the coconut “ice cream”


  2. Megan

    you blog makes me soooo happy!!! now im really mad you left norway (not really; im just jealous i didnt join) because this is absolutely something we have in common 😉 although im not as strict and dont have any particular reason i eat this way, i do, and i love when people entertain a similar lifestyle 😉

    happy to subscribe and keep up! i know i could learn a thing or twenty!


    1. Andrea Post author

      Oh wow! I had no idea we have this in common…I actually found it a little easier in Norway because there GMO food is banned and the water isn’t fluoridated…the tap water where we live is seriously disgusting. Haha, Jay warned me there would be something I would miss about Norway 😉


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