So far I’ve talked a little about what foods and substances you should avoid if you have MTHFR gene mutations and what I’m doing to improve my health. Today I want to talk a little about what foods you should be incorporating into your diet. Unfortunately, the nutrient-depleted foods of today often prevent us from getting everything we need from our meals.  If you have MTHFR then supplementation will likely be necessary, as will improving your gut health, both topics I will get to in the coming weeks. But let’s look at some of the specific vitamins and nutrients that MTHFR people need, particularly those who have the C677T mutation.

broccoli mthfr

Remember, these should be included as part of a balanced diet so that you don’t neglect other vitamins and minerals that your body needs. And while I know many of you may not be eating gluten or dairy, I’ve still included some foods like milk and wheat-based foods for those who have not given up those products. Please note also that what is good for one person isn’t always good for another. Listen to your body. Some foods, like those containing a lot of sulphur, don’t agree with people who have certain SNPs (CBS mutation, for example). Hopefully there is plenty on each list to choose from. And remember to always eat organic and non-GMO.


Folate (or Vitamin B9) is not to be confused with Folic Acid, the synthetic version which you should avoid. Naturally occurring Folate can be found in many different sources, including:

Almonds, artichokes, asparagus, avocado, banana, beans (black, garbanzo, green beans, lima, navy, kidney, pinto), beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cantaloupe, carrots, cauliflower, celery, corn, dark leafy greens (collard greens, mustard greens, romaine lettuce, spinach and turnip greens), flax seeds, grapefruit, grapes, green onions, lentils, okra, orange juice and oranges, papaya, peanuts, peas (green, chickpeas, split peas), potatoes, raspberries, red peppers (sweet), squash, strawberries, sunflower seeds and yeast.

beef mthfr

Vitamin B12

B12 is crucial for your brain, nervous system and red blood cell formation. People with MTHFR can become deficient in B12 if they are taking the wrong form (cyanocobalamin) or not getting enough from natural food sources. Without B12, your body can’t utilize Folate properly. You can get this important vitamin from:

Beef (grass-fed), caviar, cheese (especially Feta, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Swiss), chicken, clams, crab, eggs, emu, fish (especially mackerel, herring, salmon, tuna, cod, sardines, trout and bluefish), ham (cured), lamb and mutton, liver (goose, turkey), lobster, milk (grass-fed cows), mussels, octopus, oysters, scallops, shrimp, turkey and yogurt.

salmon mthfr

Vitamin B6

Are you noticing a pattern? It’s all about the B’s. Vitamin B6 is crucial for your brain, immune system, nerve function, red blood cells and protein digestion. Find it in:

Asparagus, avocado, banana, beef, bell peppers, rice and wheat bran, broccoli, brown rice, buckwheat flour, cashews, chestnuts, chicken, chickpeas, chili powder, cod, garlic, halibut, hazelnuts, kidney beans, lentils, liver (beef, turkey), molasses, paprika, peanuts, green peas, pistachios, pork tenderloin, potatoes, salmon, sesame seeds, snapper, sorghum syrup, spinach, sunflower seeds, Yellowfin tuna, turkey, turnip greens and yams.

Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

Riboflavin cannot be stored in the body so you need to have some every day. Vitamin B2 is essential for energy production and serves as an important antioxidant. Get riboflavin from:

Almonds, cheese (especially roquefort, brie and limburger), chili powder, collard greens, cow’s milk, cremini mushrooms, eggs, green peas, liver (especially beef and lamb), mackerel, paprika, salmon, sesame seeds, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, tempeh, trout, wheat bran, venison and yogurt.

Vitamin C

Another powerful antioxidant, this one is a little easier to get as long as you eat your fruits and veggies. In particular, Acerola cherry, bell peppers, black currant, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cantaloupe, cauliflower, garden cress, grapefruit, guavas, kale, kiwi fruit, lemon, lime, mustard greens, oranges, papayas, parsley, peaches, pineapple, potatoes, red and green hot chili peppers, strawberries, sweet potatoes and thyme are all rich in Vitamin C.

sardines mthfr

Vitamin D3

This is more difficult to get from food and also blocked from sunshine exposure if you wear sunscreen. Supplementation is crucial here but you can also get your Vitamin D from beef, catfish, caviar, eggs, flounder, herring, liver, mackerel, milk, mushrooms, oysters, pork, salmon, sardines, sole and tuna. Be sure to balance any Vitamin D supplementation with magnesium in the proper amounts.

Vitamin E

It is also tough to get adequate Vitamin E from foods, but almonds, apricots, asparagus, avocado, basil, bell peppers, chili powder, collard greens, green olives, kale, kiwi fruit, mustard greens, oregano, papaya, paprika, peanuts, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, spinach, Swiss chard, taro root, tomatoes and turnip greens all contain substantial amounts of this vitamin.

spinach mthfr

Betaine and/or choline

These are important to the methylation process and also for liver health and homocysteine reduction. Good food sources include amaranth, beef (grass-fed), beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, bulgur, cauliflower, chicken, collard greens, eggs, liver (beef), pasta (bread and biscuits), peanut butter, quinoa, mutton, rabbit, salmon, sardines, scallops, shrimp, spinach, sunflower seeds, sweet potato, Swiss chard, tilapia (fish) and turkey.


Several foods boost glutathione levels, including avocados, asparagus, beets, bilberry, bok choy, Brazil nuts, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cardamom, cauliflower, cinnamon, collards, eggs, garlic, horseradish, kale, melons, mustard, okra, onions, peaches, raw spinach, rice bran, rosemary, strawberries, turmeric, turnips, walnuts, watercress and watermelon.


It’s difficult to get NAC from food but from my own experience, I need very little of this amino acid in additional supplement form. Add protein sources like beef, chicken, fish, milk, nuts, seafood or turkey to your diet. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, garlic, onions and sweet bell peppers along with nuts and seeds will also provide some NAC.


This contains curcumin, which has a number of health benefits including anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.


These fatty acids are all the rage these days and are particularly important for people with MTHFR genetic mutations. Find them naturally in algae, anchovies, beef (grass-fed), caviar, flax seeds, halibut, herring, salmon, sardines, scallops, shrimp, swordfish, tuna (bluefin or albacore) and walnuts.

eggs mthfr

Get it all in one place

The following foods are on five or more of these lists, packing a punch when it comes to MTHFR nutrition:

Beef (grass-fed)


Collard greens

Eggs (don’t discard the yolk)




It’s important to watch your protein intake and also to consult a nutritionist or doctor before changing your diet. Some of the foods on these lists may also be harmful to your health in large quantities or may not be good for YOU because of another condition you have. These lists are strictly intended as a starting point to get you thinking about what kind of foods a MTHFR deficient person needs for improvement. Something I’ve always heard as a piece of advice is to get a lot of different colors onto your plate throughout the day. The more of a rainbow of foods you eat, the healthier you’ll be. It’s all about balance and moderation. I will discuss how I created a personalized nutrition plan for myself in the coming weeks.

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131 thoughts on “Good Foods For MTHFR: What To Eat

  1. Chantel

    To everyone here, what is the best way to test for MTHFR? I feel I may be snd one of my children as well. I live in Saskatchewan Canada so our testing methods are non existent in our medical system.


  2. Liz

    I cannot tolerate methyl folate in any amount as it causes me to have breakthrough seizures from over methylating. A dr gave me a protein powder with calcium foilnate that doesn’t bother me. I’m always concerned about getting enough folate (C677t) and am wondering is it even possible to absorb enough from food with these genetic problems?


  3. Lauren

    It’s all such a mess and guesswork isn’t it? I was diagnosed homozygous A1298C about 2 years ago and was told by my doctor to take methyl folate and B12. From what I’ve beenreaduong I’ve been taking way too much methyl folate by half at least. I have been taking 5,000+ mcgs of B12. Ive felt no different. I read too that the injectable B12 is much more bioavailable. I got a b12 injection 5+ years ago for low B12 and was amazed the very next day at how much better I felt.

    My biggest concern is my daughter who has pernicious anemia, MTHFR, and a host of other ailments, the worst being intractable chronic severe migraines. My girl is in severe, disabling pain 20 days out of 30, sometimes more. She is 47, this all started when she was 14. Recently read folate was bad for migraineurs and would make the migraine worse. She’s been seen by our areas top physicians in hematology, neurology, etc and very little relief has occurred.

    Anyone? I’m desperate.


    1. Eugenia

      Has your daughter looked at the possibility of food or other sensitivities causing migraines? Mine started almost daily beginning in my teens, but in my 30’s I fortunately discovered a connection to eating chocolate. No migraines for decades on a chocolate-free diet.


    2. Carmel

      I have recently understood that EMF’s can cause migraines and people with MTHFR are extremely sensitive to these. I feel for you. I learned 2 days ago that I have homo homozygous A1298C and I have an adult daughter who suffers a lot various physical and emotional issues. She also contracted Lyme to make things worse. She is about to go to our family naturopath be tested to see if she too has this gene mutation. (this is the way I found this out after a Boston Heart Blood workup). I wish you well with your daughter. Have you considered taking her to a naturopathic for help? They have many more options of treatment than conventional doctors.


    3. SB

      A friend of mine has this mutation and had intense headaches so bad he wanted to die. He found that taking B2 helped a ton! Of course, be sure to research methylated forms of B vitamins as us MTHFR’s can’t properly absorb regular B’s. But have her try a methylated B2!


  4. Peyton

    Hello Andrea ,
    I have two copies of the mutation too. A1298c and C677T I believe.
    My question is this…..I had a massive Pulmonary Embolism last year and have to take Warfain now. A lot of the foods I need to be eating for the B vit. are not allowed with a blood thinner. Any advice? Can I just take supplements instead?


    1. Rebecca

      Hi Peyton, make sure you are supplementing with magnesium daily. According to Dr. Robert Thompson, author of “The Calcium Lie: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know Can Kill You” you won’t be able to absorb your B complex vitamins very well if you are deficient in magnesium. So just by raising your magnesium levels, you will raise your ability to absorb B complex vitamins from your foods.

      Solgar Magnesium Citrate is the best quality magnesium for its price ($13 for a 2month supply) Magnesium Citrate is very well absorbed and this will also help to prevent against any clotting issues. The best absorbed magnesium on the market is ReMag by Dr. Carolyn Dean, author of The Magnesium Miracle (watch her on youtube). ReMag is liquid magnesium that you put in water and drink throughout the day. It costs $30 a bottle for about a two month supply, so is about $15 a month. Don’t even bother with magnesium oxide at all, as it is only 4% bioavailable and mostly works as a diuretic since the body cannot absorb the oxide.


      1. C.Hanna

        Be sure your physician is aware of any extra magnesium you are taking as a supplement. Magnesium can cause heart palpitations effecting the rhythm of your heart. You can get similar effects from excessive or to little Potassium. To much or to little can lead to fatal heart rhythms and death, When you are dealing with your health you are the owner of a Major World team, yourself, the doctors are an important asset to your team. If the doctor cannot or will not justify an answer to why he/she does not want you taking supplements, seek a different doctor. You only get one Major World team so keep it in good shape.


  5. Moe

    Hi! I have the MTHFR mutation (heterozygous) and I need some help finding an appropriate bran cereal or other foods that can be eaten daily to combat medication induced constipation digestive problems. Do you have any recommendations??? Thanks! 🙂


    1. Rebecca

      Hi Moe, are you supplementing with magnesium at all? Magnesium is probably the most important nutrient you need. Constipation is a sign of soft tissue calcification and magnesium helps to combat that and thus helps with constipation.

      A good well absorbed magnesium for the price is Solgar Magnesium Citrate tablets which are around $13 for a two month supply. (Do not take the cheaper magnesium oxide products as magnesium oxide is only 4% bioavailable and so not well absorbed at all and works mainly as a diuretic because of this)

      The best absorbed magnesium product is ReMag liquid magnesium offered by Dr. Carolyn Dean, author of The Magnesium Miracle. It is what I use (I also have used the Solgar, which I believe is the best for its price). At any rate, the ReMag is the absolute best absorbed magnesium. It costs around $30 for a 2 month supply.

      Either way, supplementing with magnesium is the most important nutrient to supplement with. Magnesium is needed to successfully absorb all the rest of your vitamins and minerals and it will help greatly with your constipation, if not get rid of it altogether. (Meds contribute to “soft tissue calcification” by depleting magnesium from your system, so supplementing with magnesium will work to reduce that.


  6. Justina

    Hello Andrea,
    I just read an article on bad foods for MTHFR on the web site. Many of the foods that were on their bad list are on your good list. I am really confused at this point.


    1. Andrea Post author

      Hi Justina – my post was written 4.5 years ago and the basis for it was foods naturally high in the vitamins that we want to get from food, instead of synthetic supplements. It seems there are more people with authority now who have different food lists, the site you reference being one of them. I didn’t see any references to studies in that article, but I’m definitely not saying that his list is wrong. In fact, looks like the person has done quite a bit of training in this subject. I am actually not convinced that there is a list of good or bad foods that is going to work for every person with MTHFR. Why? Because of all the other influences and genes that can come into play. It’s just one instrument in the orchestra. At this point I would advise following the other list and perhaps eliminating those foods to see if you see a positive impact, knowing that other articles besides mine say that some of those foods on that list are just fine. Without any peer reviewed studies, I think it’s difficult to say anything for sure. I’d love to learn more about this… Good luck!


      1. Eljay

        I actually trust your research more than the site listed…they are trying to charge 250 for a test you can get for free once you have your raw DNA file. All you have to do is upload to and it will let you know if you have MTHFR….anyway…that site seems to be a big money grab. I mean EVERY medical condition is listed as a possible result of MTHFR. I have the mutation and i find i naturally crave the majority of the foods you’ve listed and i have felt less symptoms following your suggestions. Don’t sell your own personal experience short. I appreciate you putting this all together.


  7. Judy

    Hi Andrea! I have mthfr mutations, as well, so I am always trying to read up on how to improve! By the way, I have a question regarding liver. I purchase grass-fed liver for its b12 content. I see here you have grass-fed beef and only turkey and goose livers listed for b12. Is there a reason for this? Is beef liver not as concentrated? Please fill me in on this as I’d like to maximize my amounts of b12. I have pernicious anemia. Thank you.


    1. Andrea Post author

      Hi Judy – not sure, it’s been awhile since I wrote this so I can’t remember the sources offhand. I do know that grass-fed beef is said to be more nutrient dense (for example…I know the article is about lamb but it’s just one I could find very quickly on the advantages of grass-fed vs conventional). But it’s controversial apparently (see here). So the short answer is: I’m not sure. I think it will require a little research and make a decision based on how you interpret everything. But when I wrote this I was just copying whatever list I had researched at the time – I haven’t read enough about it to form an opinion one way or another.


        1. Andrea Post author

          There are links within the posts, as there are with the rest of the this blog – just click through. For this one all that was done for research was looking for lists of foods high in the various vitamins and minerals. Everyone is welcome to cross-check and should always do their own research.


  8. Dana riccio

    Hi Everyone! I was just tested and came back with MTHFR- which one, I am unsure. I just found out two days ago and have begun my research. Im 31 and have been trying to get pregnant for years. I had my first child seven years ago and a confirmed miscarriage. They put me on folic acid through my pregnancy. Immediately after she was born I began hemolyzing and developed a rare autoimmune blood disorders. My question is for the women who became pregnant with MTHFR . . . Instead of folic acid what did you take/do differently during your pregnancy to stay healthy and keep the baby healthy and receiving the nutrients needed? Thanks!


    1. Stephanie Stewart

      My high risk doctor put me on a baby aspirin while I was pregnant. I now have a son. I had 5 previous miscarriages that is how I found out I have MTHFR


      1. Sam

        Hi Stepahnie, I’m having the same condition as you are. Please can you guide me about the treatment you had? As I also had 3 misscarriages due to MTHFR.


  9. Mimi J

    Andrea dont you follow Dr. mensah’s work?? We need our blood histamine levels checked to see if we are under or over methylating (Not just the genes tested!!) We need to know how much methy we actually have. if we are UNDer methylating we need VERY LITTLE FOLATE!!!!!!! This advice is very outdated. Sorry


    1. Andrea

      No need to be sorry – thanks for sharing the information. We all gather and build as a community…I posted this in 2013. If you feel you would like to share further information, we offer guest posting opportunities or you can share links and what you know right here.


    2. Marsha Brown

      Hi. Can you please forward any info on this as I did not know we need to have levels tested to see how much or how little. Thanks for this info


  10. M. L.

    I recently attended a talk given by a pharmacist & part of his presentation included a case study of someone local who had multiple medical issues that were intractable to conventional pharmaceutical treatment. He assisted her in getting MTHFR testing, which proved positive, and noted that her health has improved dramatically with treatment & she’s been able to greatly reduce the number of commercial drugs after starting methylated B vitamins. The more he talked, the more I realized I may have FINALLY gotten a lead on my issues. Have been exhausted, emotionally labile and have horrible tingling & burning in my feet for a decade. Diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism in 2014….no one else in my family has had it. All the tests say my thyroid levels are now optimized but my symptoms continue to worsen. I ordered a home MTHFR kit late last week. Sounds strange, but I’m hoping it’s positive because it will prove that I’m NOT nuts!!


    1. Sydney

      Hi M.L.,

      Hoping for a positive test result doesn’t sound nuts. I’ve struggled with all sorts of mysterious symptoms for decades with no long-term success. And worse, more often than not, the medications I was prescribed to manage the symptoms only made me sicker. My doctor believes MTHFR is the root cause and my test is scheduled for next week. I too an hoping that relief is coming soon.

      Wishing you well.


  11. Kim

    I am homozygous C677T and I was given big doses of folic acid during pregnancy with my first child. She has severe autism.

    My question is – does this diet differ if you are homozygous?


    1. Andrea Post author

      The recommendations for all combinations of MTHFR mutations are pretty much the same, with the caveat that one has to look at the other mutations that also come into play with methylation (COMT, CBS, etc.)


    2. Renee Collins

      My first born had Down Syndrome and moderate Autism..I’ve had pots the last 6.5yrs but looking back its undiagnosed mthfr as 2.5yrs ago I was pit on SSRI and benzos and made me 10x worse So in process of getting tested for mthfr…I believe the crapload if folic acid in first baby was why . find me on fb to chat . Renee Collins


    3. Shannon

      The folic acid is/was the problem amongst other things. My twins have autism too (I was undiagnosed homozygous c677t as well) and just took all the folic acid in the world to prevent those birth defects. Little did I know. Recently being diagnosed my B12 was way down low as well as other issues including thyroid. I tried so hard to have a healthy pregnancy and all along I just needed tweaks. Now my poor boys suffer.


    1. Andrea Post author

      I’m trying to find the information from when I wrote this. It’s complicated and again goes back to your individual DNA – what’s “healthy” for one person may not be healthy for another. Personally I have some histamine issues and too much animal protein can cause problems. I also saw a doctor (today actually) who was saying these are gut issues (that I have). I urge you to find a functional medicine doctor who can work with you on your personal genetics and health history and plan nutrition, etc. It’s just impossible to tell anyone anything for certain online. Or, if that isn’t possible, try something like Whole 30, or alternatively meat (or whatever protein you have questions about) elimination and see if that’s causing you issues. I assume you are asking this question because of some kind of unpleasant symptoms…


  12. Todd Saber

    Ok Genetic Geniuses, I have a polymorphism question. How does someone activate/stimulate/increase COMT, not inhibit it, by way of food, nootropics, and/or supplementation?


  13. Rebecca

    I am so happy to have found this site. I’ve recently found out I am heterozygous A1298C. I have suffered for so long and just knowing that something was not right with me and the sxs I was having. I have been to every kind of doctor there is, all telling me I’m fine. It has been so frustrating with the brain fog, memory, fatigue, tremors in my neck/head, various auto immune diseases and various other issues. I work in a doctors office and had them order me the lab test, I was kind of happy (oddly enough) when it came back showing the noted mutation, it was the answer to my prayers. Maybe now I can get to living a better quality of life. I am meeting with a genetic specialist/counselor this coming week to learn more about it. *I am normal after-all! 🙂


    1. Debby Poindexter

      I have the same condition. I’ve always know something was not right with my body. I found out a year ago I had the gene. I am still battling some fatigue, but getting better. I saw a dietician who specializes in MTHFR and was given a food plan. I’ve also seen a naturopathic doctor for other gene testing and supplements. Because I have to take some prescription medications, some supplements work against me. It’s a trial and error thing. Like you, at least I know what I have and I am always researching trying to understand how to live with this issue. Debby


  14. Kerry

    It is VERY important to know if you are and OVER or UNDER METHYLATOR before taking B12 and folate. Depending on your methylation, if you have ocd for example these will make you WORSE.
    Same goes for inositol and B6.
    I have extreme ocd and was told to take extra B12, folate and inositol. I went insane… mania and psychosis. I now know that too much of these is harmful to the wrong people


    1. Lisa

      Hi I have suffered OCD since I was 12 years old I’m now 34 years old and want to know if mthfr gene has something to do with OCD
      I am currently waiting for results for mthfr gene we live in Sydney do u know any where they can help give guidance as what to take if positive gene


      1. Jodie

        Mthfr support australia. They are in Sydney so will be good for you.
        I know its a late post, u have prob already found them.


    2. Amy

      I was also put on B vitamins, B6 specifically. It made me CRAZY. But I can’t find any solid information on this anywhere. I quit taking it because it was ruining my marriage. Does anyone out there have more info on this? I want to take the vitamins I need, but I need to figure out how to make them not change my personality. I am homozygous MTHFR, with two abnormal copies of C677T.


      1. Robyn

        In your case I would not move forward without someone who really understands MTHFR. Unfortunately, many people will say they do understand, and make things worse. Ultimately, it’s best to be our own best doc – IMO!


      2. Skye

        Hi Amy! I have the double C667T, and I become a monster on methylating supplements (probably because I also have major COMT mutations, which can cause massive overstimulation (“stim”) and irritability from methylating supplements and even Vitamin D supplements). I believe we are on a similar path. Here is my full guide to surviving double C667T WITHOUT taking b12/folate. Make sure you get them in foods though.

        1.**GAME CHANGER** 1.6mg B2(Riboflavin, normal version) supplement per day. Clinically proven to significantly lower homocysteine levels AND reduce blood pressure more effectively than medication in those specifically with double c677T (I think it is safe to say it effectively treats the cardiovascular complications associated with double c677t). And B2 did this all by itself, without tackling folate or b12 first. Also It did not stim me at ALL (and even fruit/herbs stim me at this point as they contain COMT inhibitors). On top of that I have seen a different study in the past (unrelated to our defects) where after a year of taking extra B2 subjects showed an increase in overall agreeability during social interactions – I think we can all use a bit of that LOL. This is a shortcut you should definitely take advantage of. The dose is small too – the same as the RDA, so we are only getting 200% daily value of B2 per day which is amazing as taking huge doses of vitamins tends to cause imbalances in other places. Amazon has this, but you will need to open the capsule and only take a small amount per day.

        2. **GAME CHANGER** Double C667T more than any of the other defects is helped by thinning the blood. It is HIGHLY recommended. That means minimum 1000mg combined total of EPA + DHA per day from fish oil (which also helps inflammation. Don’t forget to severely limit intake of omega-6s as well and only use olive/coconut/avocado oils). Also take Nattokinase – an enzyme that is proven to lower blood pressure as effectively as medication AND thins the blood with -zero- side effects (unlike Aspirin and other medications). It is an all natural blood thinner with the added bonus that it eats away artery plaque and can completely clear your arteries over the course of a year and a half. I would say it is crucial to tackle this now even if you don’t have circulation issues yet, unless you work an active job on your feet all day. Honestly anyone, mutation or not, should be taking Nattokinase if they spend a lot of time sitting. It is a natural enzyme that the body already has inside of it. It is also in the food Natto. has this, here is the link. The dosage is 2000 FU twice per day. So one capsule in AM, one in PM. It lasts 12 hrs.
        Fish oil: This is a cheap one I take. I’ve tried stopping it like four times and every time my back pain which is 100% nonexistant when I am on it comes back within 48 hrs, so I *know* this one is effective and crucial for me. It is rare that a supplement shows you it is the real deal.

        3. If you can’t tolerate Vitamin D supplements, use the UVB tanning beds to get Vitamin D. If you are worried about your skin, astaxanthin is proven to protect your skin from UVB ray damage, all the while letting you get a nice tan. Truly amazing stuff. It also helps with energy & endurance, improves circulation, lowers inflammation & CRP, improves memory, prevents Alzheimers/dementia, and protects the liver. It wouldn’t surprise me if Astaxanthin eventually sits next to Fish Oil and Vitamin D as the top supplements of all time. This brand is used in clinical trials:

        3. If you can’t tolerate methyl B12 you could try hydroxocobalamin, it is the b12 form that is actually in food and the ONLY form recommended if other supps cause you to stim and start throwing dishes(lol) because it has less methyl groups. Even this one stims me so I can’t take it, but you might be able to.

        4. Probiotic – Help your gut. I drink some sauerkraut juice every day — it has trillions of probiotics in just a few sips. Waaay more than any supplement has, and natural and balanced and more diverse. If you are super sensitive like me (probably not) and stim from foods with folates you might want to do like me and take it before bed so you can sleep through any short lived irritability, although I believe folates are just in sauerkraut cabbage not the juice.

        5. Advanced probiotic treatment – this probiotic I just started taking actually contains probiotic strains that specifically produce folate in your gut for you. This is probably better for similar reasons as why I can get vitamin D from the sun and not stim at all, but if I take a vitamin D supplement I go nuts. The body does better when it regulates things itself. Also, once your gut is fixed up it will create some b12 for you on its own as well. This is probably why there are healthy populations on earth that live well into their 90’s that don’t even consume food that contains b12. If our guts are working right, they make stuff for us 🙂 Also this company said they are having success with treating Hashimotos with this product (takes a few months to work though) and are going to put it through trials. 99% of thyroid issues are caused by Hashimotos and thyroid is a very common issue with MHTFR. There really are no treatments for Hashimotos right now other than lifestyle/diet/selenium etc and my thyroid is super sluggish so I’m giving it a go.

        6. Magnesium – crucial. #1 Deficiency in America I believe. Also is a co-factor for COMT so can help a little with stim but unfortunately won’t stop the overstim from folate/b12/etc. Massively important if you have stress or adrenal issues or don’t get a full amount of sleep every day. I use the spray but it can get itchy. You might prefer pills – Magnesium Glycinate is the one you would want.

        General Health Advices
        7. Eliminate lectins – they attack the thyroid and poison the body. Those with MHTFR issues are hypersensitive to stress and with that comes thyroid and adrenal. Dr. Gundry says that 100% of his autoimmune patients have significantly improved just by removing lectins. Follow his protocol and new food pyramid — I have hundreds of hours research on dieting and food health and proven studies and I just discovered his site today and his pyramid is the real deal. Eliminate all forbidden foods completely. Scroll past the “old” pyramid to find his new one.

        8. **GAME CHANGER** Zinc 15mg/day – extremely common deficiency, helps with mhtfr, stress, thyroid, mood instability, even helped my circulation. One thing to note is that a study showed that women who were in front of a computer many hours of the day had HALF the zinc levels and much less antioxidant levels than those who spent their day away from the computer — DUE TO EMFs! If you are a female (or even male because zinc is so deficient nowadays) spending more than a few hours next to a cell phone or computer in today’s toxic stressful EMF world, you should be taking Zinc IMO. Drop to 10mg/zinc eventually because the zinc-copper ratio can start to get messed up after a long time on 15mg. Honestly some people are majorly deficient and need to take 30mg+ for a long time but I will have to leave that investigation up to you. You can test if you are deficient by doing the Zinc Taste Test after buying a Zinc Liquid product. If it tastes like water instead of nasty metallic it means your body likes it and wants you to drink it because you are deficient and should keep upping your dose until it stops tasting like water.. supposedly.

        9. One Avocado a day! It is a fruit but doesn’t have sugar/fructose, hallelujah. It contains 35% of your DV of folate. Also it prevents the arteries from closing up after a high fat meal, so try to eat it with any questionable meals. Just 1/2 an avocado eaten with a Big Mac prevents the drop in artery/endothiel function that typically occurs over the next few hours after the high fat meal!

        10. 30 mins exercise per day minimum. No “high stress high reward” fads. IE fasting for extended periods of time, high intensity exercise, crash diets, etc unless you are totally healthy.

        It is possible to get the body to run properly without mega dosing b12/folate. Stress reduction is key — the advantage to the MHTFR+COMT mutation is an enhanced ability to focus for long periods at a time (executive function. it is basically a mutation that is ideal for computer/technology/screen time) at the expense of having very little stress/anxiety tolerance. Of course if stress and nutritional deficiencies take over, we can’t focus OR deal with stress. Ahh! Good luck 🙂


        1. Kay

          Thank you for providing awesome details here. I actually have the same mutations and have been on a compounded supplements. I started feeling a little better but I expected to feel a whole lot better, which never happened. I’ve been on the same protocol for about two years now and I’m thinking my doctor must be missing something. Before I found a clinic where they know what they are doing I’ve tried many different supplements and that was not good 😉
          I was either lethargic (zombie) or so angry inside that I thought I’m gonna explode. I know I cannot take any methylated B vitamins and I can’t take sulfur (which is methylated too, the name is Methylsulfonylmethane).
          I wanted to ask you if you experienced any acne or skin issues before you found what supplements work for you? It seems like I have adult acne and I never had acne before, even as a teenager.
          My doctor advised me to take Primrose Oil which is Omega 6 and I experienced very heavy menses.
          Wanted to ask if you have a doctor or a clinic that you can recommend? Maybe it is not a bad idea to have some other doctor to take a look at my test results…
          Please let me know. Thank you!
          P.S. When I read “MHTFR+COMT mutation is an enhanced ability to focus for long periods at a time (executive function. it is basically a mutation that is ideal for computer/technology/screen time)” I was like OMG!!! this is me. I work in IT, I do quality testing and production issues, which requires long hours of focus and analytical thinking … I had no idea how my gene mutations led me to choosing this career path 😉


  15. Cheryl

    Eating for Blood Type A, soy milk, soy cheese, soy oil etc… is “beneficial” however I’ve not read anything yet if people with MTHFR should avoid soy? Any information is greatly appreciated!


    1. Rikki Ingersoll

      Soy is an estrogen disruptor. Depending on your MTHFR snps you may already have hormone issues, metabolic syndrome, elimination issues (glutithione), mitochondria issues and neurotransmitter issues. Soy will greatly influence men and women to produce more estrogen along the methylation/liver pathway. We in the US are strongly estrogen dominate because of the plastics we use. Soy is a product that is in many packaged foods, especially gluten free foods, many of which are not organic.Soy is a food in the US that is GMO, unless organic. The pesticides, phylates, and other toxic substances, within GMO food will also disrupt hormones and give you a toxic overload that the typical MTHFR body cannot deal with long term. This is one of the hidden reasons that supplements seem not to help.


    2. Donica

      My ND
      told me that Soy is very bad for MTHFR because the protein fits into the cell but it blocks the thyroid from absorbing thyroid hormone…..something to that affect. That was not a direct quote…lol….
      She also told me that Gluten is terrible because it mimics thyroid hormone and is an irritant so your body learns to attack it and may soon start attacking your real thyroid hormone and then, blam, you’re auto-immune.

      Anyways, that wasn’t a very scientific answer, but I do know I feel much better without the two!


    3. Lori

      Soy is not good for anyone. It was originally designed to be an endocrine disruptor and cause breast cancer and thyroid disorders in women and low sperm count and sterilization in men.
      Soy have been genetically modified and most soy ingested by the Asian cultures is mostly eaten in a fermented state which reduces the negative physical responses.
      Especially avoid soy lecithin. It’s not much more in my opinion than soy sludge.
      I would always suggest researching information for yourself before making any decisions, but my personal research has convinced me to avoid it like the plague.


  16. Emily

    I just sent the test off, but am sure I have this. Finally 16 years…if not a lifetime could be explained. Thank you for having the most mentioned foods listed, very helpful!


      1. Emily

        I have it. Two but I can’t remember which ones. I am with a Dr now, but we’re waiting for test results to come back re pathogens. She’s published on mthfr so was hopeful. Taking cbs/hemp oil, which is helping.
        Thanks for asking,


  17. christina

    This is the best site Ive seen so far with this info. I know you can get to much folic acid and shouldnt have any but can you have to much folate or leavy greens? I wouldnt think so but one site I was on said you can have too much MTHFR


  18. Victoria

    Wow! I am so happy to have found this page. I am currently taking sublingual folinic acid and sublingual methyl b12 with excellent results. Also helpful for me has been alpha keto glutarate to help keep ammonia levels down (I think?) and D Ribose which gives me energy! I take other supplements as well and my integrative dr was very happy with my most recent lab work. Even all my viral titers were down which he was amazed by! 🙂 I basically follow a paleo diet with a few extra restrictions (such as low arginine) for various sensitivities.


  19. Robyn

    I recently found out that I am homozygous for the C677T variation. My doctor thinks this is a non issue however I feel differently. The problem that I am encountering is that I can’t find a doctor that deals with this that accepts insurance. The Doctors that I have found on my area wants thousands of dollars to help. Has anyone had any luck with insurance coverage?


    1. Martha

      On a mthfr C677T Facebook comment someone said the doctor issued test for mthfr because it “ran in the family” and insurance paid for it.


      1. tasha

        Unfortunately I was told it was covered for my children if I was positive but no I still had to pay $83


    2. CM

      Same here the doctors in my area that have knowledge and help treat patients with MTHFR are not covered by my insurance and they charge an arm and two legs. In a regular physical appointment I was able to take full blood work test and requested MTHFR, it was an additional cost for the lab to run for MTHFR. I tested positive for MTHFR C677T. Then, seperately, for IVF purposes we took a genetic test through Recombine, and although it did come up on the list that we have MTHFR it was not a flag for the doctors. There were many other flags, but I’m not an expert on reading Gene tests. Anyway, the only way to help myself without going broke is to read websites like these and take it into my own hands. I am now considering the 23 and me test and then submitting that report to Stratagene to guide me, since I can’t submit the Recombine gene test I already have, and I can’t find someone that will help me translate it for my understanding.
      My husband says “ignorance is bliss” hahaha. But I want to be healthy, have healthy kids and have life/energy to raise them and watch them grow.


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  21. Jessica

    Hello! My husband found out a few days ago that his blood work came back positive for having MTHFR. We had a feeling that he has it because his mother recently found out that she has it as well. He is only 25 years old (will be 26 in a few months) and we are clueless of what kind of diet to start him off with! When you go from eating anything and everything to now having to eat barely half of the things. My question is what is a good diet to start off with so that he can get use to a new eating lifestyle? Also, I don’t have MTHFR, but I’m willing to stay on this diet with him so that I can help him get use to this 🙂


    1. Ricki Ingersoll

      *EDITED by Admin*
      A diet for MTHFR is very specific to the DNA of the individual. One size does not fit all. A blood test does not give you enough information. You need to do a complete DNA analysis:
      If your husband has been diagnosed he is probably having symptoms. Symptoms can be the result of nutritional deficiencies that you both are unaware of. The test I take is called NutrEval, which tells me what foods I am deficient and what I need to eat. When I started I was very ill with lung cancer (never smoked), congestive heart failure-a B6 connection and others. I was deficient in all nutrition, which means my body was getting its nutrition from my own organs. I was very ill. It has taken 18 months of a very particular diet and methylated B’s to get me normal. I am now undetectable for lung cancer. I am completely nutritionally getting everything I need from a combination of food and supplements.
      I do not eat cow dairy or any gluten, no refined sugar, no added salt (as I also have a genetic mutation that does not let me assimilate salt). I only eat organic. Another problem with MTHFR is that we cannot detox heavy metals or pesticides and these collect in our system and create havoc. This means a heavy metals blood test is needed. Also, MTHFR creates an autoimmune condition so that we cannot fight parasites, thus a detox of parasites is required. Getting the body toxic free takes time and effort but is critical to health. This sounds harsh but for me the alternative was death.
      This was not an easy process. Understanding MTHFR and other mutations takes a specialist doctor in integrative medicine or a lot of research. Look in your area for a person who specializes in integrative genetic nutrition. This condition is hereditary and we have many family members now being tested before it is too late.
      You must realize that your husband does not have the enzyme to properly digest ANY food into fat soluble B’s, which then create amino acids, the building blocks for the brain, heart, liver, and other organs. That is why when you take regular B supplements your pee is yellow, no conversion. When young the body converts glucose into the ATP energy needed and it seems like you are alright. But eventually your adrenals, stomach, large intestine and other organs start to fail. You also start to gain weight because fat cannot be used for ATP energy and starts to collect. Inflammation starts to build and your homocystiene level needs to be tested to determine your level of inflammation. To rebuild the body to health takes time and effort. A MTHFR – C677T mutation in men has recently been connected to infertility and birth defects as well as the woman.
      Bioloxic website has many Youtube videos on MTHFR.
      I have seen many people not take the time or effort to understand this very serious condition. They are dying rapidly. It is not just a change of diet. You must look at this condition as the same as a type 1 diabetic. Diabetic’s cannot make insulin and they become insulin resistant. MTHFR people cannot make the large enzyme that runs the entire body system so they must get this enzyme in a shot or supplement form. Good luck.
      I am living proof it works. I beat lung cancer, I lost 60 pounds and I eat a full satisfying diet that is what my body requires. It is difficult to eat in restaurants but with careful research a good restaurant can be found. I have become a wonderful cook. Making things I can eat taste delicious. My health is the best it has been in 15 years.


      1. MAJO

        That is wonderful. I just found out I have mthfr c677t and wondering if there is an excellent cookbook out there???


      2. Kori

        Ricki, You are so knowledgeable, I would like to do a phone appt with you, can we please get in touch? What shot can i request to help me, I am struggling so so much! Thank you!


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  23. Sharon Dedo

    WHO can I give my results to that will help me work with the issues? I have done genetic genie and livewello. I live in Wichita KS, so I suspect I need a SKYPE consult with someone. But who? I am researching and asking for the right blood tests, my Dr. is all about this but I have found I know more than she does now and I am teaching her. I need a base point of reference of how all these mutations work TOGETHER because the VDR TAQ and CBS seem to change how you treat the MTHFR, sulfurs, vitamins, supplementation and much more is totally different if you throw these into the mix. Who, who do I call?


      1. Emily

        They’ve changed it and you can really do a search. I talked with the chat person, but the Dr she gave me said she never heard of mthfr. The 2nd link isn’t available at all.


    1. Debra Jo Floyd

      Andrea, I go to Jennifer Ridley here In Tx. She is a very educated doctor concerning many things as well as a top doc concerning MTHFR. Her number is 817-485-9355. She does phone consults. I promise she can help you. She will make a difference in your life!

      Thanks, Debra Floyd


  24. Richard

    Andrea – I see in the diet you recommend tuna, any of the literature on mercury toxicity advises avoiding tuna which as a large predatory fish bio-accumlate organic mercury. The last thing one needs is another problem.


  25. Karen Brosnan

    My daughter has been diagnosed with MTHFRC677T and A1298C. She also has been diagnosed with Lyme Disease and POTS. She is so tired all the time and I am at my wits end. We are seeing a great doctor but I was wondering if there is a different diet if you have both gene mutations or does it work for both?


  26. Ricki Ingersoll

    I have several comments: I am homozygous A1298C MTHFR mutation. My husband is heterozygous for C677T and A1298C. The research that I have found does not make one of the mutations more difficult to deal with than the other unless a C677T and a A1298C are located on the same DNA strand. This is rare. Both mutations are serious and cause a vast variety of physical illness, including mental illness.
    This makes MTHFR hard to treat individually as a whole body system. The process that I suggest to follow after learning you have the MTHFR mutation is as follows:
    1. Understanding that you do not have some or most of the enzymes to break-down (methylation process) of your B vitamins into amino acids. Good food does not cure this defienciency!
    2. Your particular inability to assimilate must be tested with a blood nutritional study by a qualified Integrative Medical Doctor, who understands MTHFR. In my experience a nutritionist cannot understand the big medical picture, especially if you have serious illness.
    3. Many other blood tests are needed to understand your system. These tests can usually be done by your primary care doctor. If asked I will supply a complete list.
    4. Most MTHFR people have gut issues. I personally have IBS, Celiac, dairy intolerance, I had 4 harmful parasites, hypothyroidism and auto-immune Post Polio. By the time I found out about the MTHFR mutation I had been to the ER 3 times with cardiac arrest, lung failure (I have never smoked) and multiple system failures, including early stage lung cancer, (my mother smoked invitro), blood glucose 150.The MTHFR mutation is nothing to fool around with. My blood work was a mess and a possible death sentence and I had a good diet!
    5. Research “epigenics” because your particular MTHFR mutation will be easily impacted by your invitro environment your environmental toxins including pesticides that you have experienced from birth and make your treatment different from another person with the same mutation.
    6. Check your prescriptions if you have gut issues because most of them have gluten in them, especially thyroid medications. Only one thyroid medication is gluten free, it is called Tirosent.
    7. Advanced MTHFR people have trouble eating and digesting the quantity of food required to stay healthy. Making smoothies or juicing can start to heal your gut. I use the Bullet and the Breville multi-speed juicer. They are easy and fast to use. Smoothie for fiber, juice for nutrients that enter the blood stream in the mouth, throat and stomach.
    6. Good news, you can live well with the MTHFR mutation with proper treatment and heal the entire body system. I am on the diet above with modifications to fit my nutritional needs. I only eat organic. Non-GMO, no processed foods. I give myself all methylated B vitamins as an injection, including Folic Acid 4 times a week. Your integrative medical doctor will know from your blood work and nutritional studies what you need and you will also learn to read your own blood work and ask questions. As you age your deficiency will worsen.
    My blood work is normal now, I lost 50 pounds eating more than I ever have. I have lots of energy, I can sleep well, my inflamation went from 13 to 6 in 3 months. My homocystien level went from 15 to 8.9 I am alkaline not catabolic (there is a difference). No more visits to the ER in 10 months. My thyroid is stablized, my blood pressure is normal, my glucose is normal.
    When you are methylating your food properly you can actually feel the nutrients enter your system. You feel alive, serene, and happy.
    I still fear the cancer diagnosis but I am using alternative methods under a doctor’s careful supervision and will know in October if I am in remission. I have never looked or felt better in my life. I am 70. I realize now that untreated MTHFR creeps up on you slowly, one symptom at a time, until you die. Most traditional doctors will tell you that you are crazy! Keep going, don’t believe them. When you are about to die then the doctors will want to give you 100 unneeded tests. Don’t let them.
    You are ahead of the game if you know you have the MTHFR mutation. Now you have a path to recovery but it will take lots of work and discovery on your part to succeed.
    I send out compassionate prayers to all who are suffering from the MTHFR mutation. May you be guided as I have been guided by my angels to heal yourself and may you find qualified medical practitioners that understand what you are going through, know how to diagnose and treat you.


    1. Andrea Post author

      Thanks so much for sharing, Ricki. For point #6, you don’t mean the synthetic folic acid do you?


    2. Mary Donovan


      Your story is amazing and I would love to talk with you more. I have been suffering with migraines since I was a toddler also with multiple autoimmune diseases including Graves’ disease which eventually led to thyroid cancer and now take synthroid for many years and this has gluten!!!!???????? I’m still in the learning process of all this MTHFR stuff (I am homozygous for both C6777 and another one)

      Thank you for sharing and Andrea thank you so much for this blog I will be following closely!!!


      1. Ricki Ingersoll

        MTHFR is a serious DNA mutation and should not be self diagnosed or treated. My life was saved by my Integrative Medical doctor who knows the condition because she almost died from it too. She is brilliant. Supplements can not be taken without proper medical care. Dr. Mary Ellen Shannon can be reached at the Center for New Medicine, Irvine CA at (949)680-1880. When you start to have the symptoms you are experiencing your life is in danger. Your body is starving. Please seek professional help.


    3. Idella

      Hi Ricki
      I enjoyed reading all about your experance. I recently was diagnosed with the mthfr c677t. At this point I have been placed on an elimination diet. I am now trying to figure out what I can eat and what I must give up. I also have diverticulitis and my diet is already compromised. I have been dealing with that for about 8 years, And now this. What I am looking for are recipes that will fit both my regular diet and my new diet. Thank you for your interesting story and very good information and advice.
      I’m not looking for any medical advise just came across your comments and found it very informative. Thank you so much. Idella


    4. Monika Hardy

      Thank you so much for your reply on this post Ricki! I just found out last week that I have the same mustation as you and was so blessed to find all this good info from you in one place! After over 50 years undiagnosed thyroid disease and now learning undiagnosed MTHFR gene, and insuficcient levels of so many nutrients , I am thankful to have a new doc that is helping as well as time to research to help make myself healthier. I am letting all my family know now too.


    5. Bonnie Olsson

      i am 65 and just found out I have MTHFR T/T(C677T) and A/A(A1298C). I am gluten free two yrs. I am hypothyroid and have been taking Naturethyroid 97.5. Jam lactose intolerent. Eat only grass fed Keats and do everything I xsn. Ive had ITP and almost died. I am dangerously anemic and have very mos white cell counts. Since my doctor discovered this I am taking methalated colic acid and methocabolomibe and TMG. All my counts started coming up except the white cells. May be an enlarged spleen. Eating the good cells. Knave fat in liver. I am beginning to try to fl all I xsn to be healthier and have more stamina. Thank you for sharing.


      1. Rebecca Danis

        Hi Genie, I am glad you are feeling better. As far as the oxalates or anything else for that matter, it probably all is personal as well, as far as what someone can or cannot tolerate. I just know in a few minutes if something bothers me, as I start getting joint pain or a headache or my vision gets blurry.
        As far as folate, Romaine Lettuce is, I believe higher in folate than the high oxalate greens you are using. Also orange juice and oranges are very high in folate. A better green to use might be dandelion greens as they help detoxify the liver and also organic celery would be good too.
        Even if you are not that B6 deficient, why use it up converting oxalic acid into a non toxic form? It sounds like you need extra B6 on board for other things, and you can get your folate from foods without oxalic acid.
        If you have a CBS mutation, you, for sure, need to stay away from stuff that uses up your B6.
        Also, it is important to note that breast cancers are called calcifications, and that connects to B6 in that you use B6 to remove excess phosphorus from your body through your kidneys; and if intercellular phosphorus levels build up, then that will increase intercellular calcium levels, which causes “soft tissue calcification”. So if you have a calcification in the form of a breast tumor, you wouldn’t want to be contributing to it by increasing the amount of phosphorus in your system since excess phosphorus “turbo charges” excess calcium into non bone cells and causes soft tissue calcification.


        1. Ricki Ingersoll

          Can you recommend a book that would list foods high in oxalic acid? I have MTHFR and many other variants and have from my research connected my stage one lung cancer to B6 deficiency and the inability to produce SOD and Glutithione. I have used a combination of supplements, diet, and super foods with IV infusions. I am in cancer reversal without any chemo or radiation. I have reduced my homocystien levels, inflammation and lost 60 lbs and I am undetectable for cancer my traditional methods. I do have abundant calcium and my oncologist is concerned about the breast calcification (I had my left breast drained of fluid and tested for cancer at Cedars Sinai). No cancer but some calcification. 24 months ago I was in starvation mode validated by nutritional studies. I am now nutritionally sound but your comment made scientific sense to me. I will do further research. Thanks


      2. Rebecca Danis

        Hi Bonnie, I guess you are aware that low folate levels can cause anemia because without folate, the body cannot properly absorb iron. Organic Romaine Lettuce and orange juice and oranges are good (non oxalic acid) sources of folate.


    6. Barb

      To Ricky Ingersoll

      I just found out I’m a homozygous 1298c. Can you please send me the complete list of tests that my doctor should give me. Thank you.


      1. Genie

        Thanks, Ricki! Re #3, I’m also interested in the list of tests to ask my doctor to do. Like your husband, I have the heterozygous C677T and A1298C. My son is homozygous C677T, like you, and was in ICU for 2 months last year with serious heart and lung disease at the age of 46.

        Glad you’ve found a good doctor to work with, but some of us have no choice but to “go it alone” as so few doctors are MTHFR savvy. Fortunately, I do have a doctor who will order tests I ask for. Re your #6, Nature-Throid (which I take) is also gluten-free.

        Green smoothies are basic to my improved diet which, along with supplementation and allergy treatment, has done wonders in my going from chronic fatigued to the point of being non-functional a couple day a week to working out 3 days and walking a mile or two a couple of days a week (at 72).


        1. Rebecca Danis

          Be careful with your green smoothies. Greens that are high in oxalic acid will deplete your B6, and if you have all these mutations, it can cause problems with B6 depletion and also inability to absorb B6, so if you try to supplement, it can actually make you get sick and dizzy, so the best thing to do is avoid things that deplete B6 since you might not be able to tolerate very much B6 when supplementing.

          I take a co enzymated B complex “Country Life”, but I have to open it up and only take about 1/4 per day, because I cannot absorb much more than that. If I take more, my arthritis gets worse and if I take less, then my neuropathy gets worse. So, like everyone, I need B6, but I have to take it in small doses. It might be the same with you and your family.

          B6 depletion can cause lots of problems, and B6 overdose can cause the same problems, so you have to be very careful to get the right amount and not do things that deplete the B6 you have already successfully absorbed.

          As I said, foods high in oxalic acid deplete B6 because B6 is used to transform oxalic acid, which is a toxin to the body, into a non toxic form.

          Eating msg or msg chemicals like autolyzed yeast extract, hydrolyzed soy protein etc depletes B6. B6 is used to convert excess glutamate (an excitatory neurotransmitter, and in excess amounts a neurotoxin) in the system to GABA, an inhibitory and calming neurotransmitter. If you get MSG headaches, that is a clear indication that you are B6 deficient aka B6 metabolism/absorption issues.

          Eating too many Omega 6 fatty acids will deplete B6. B6 converts excess Omega 6 fatty acids into Omega 3 fatty acids so the balance of Omega 6 to Omega 3’s in the body will be correct.

          Researchers believe that having more Omega 3’s will help heart health, but maybe people are actually low in Omega 3’s because they have a genetic B6 absorption/metabolization problem which causes a B6 deficiency. Maybe what is causing heart problems is the same thing that is causing a B6 deficiency(absorption/ metabolization problem) which results in low levels of Omega 3’s and also results in heart issues.

          Also, when you are low in B6, your intra cellular phosphorus levels will rise (B6 is used to help excrete phosphorus). This, in turn, causes intra cellular calcium levels to rise, which then leads to atherosclerosis, which then leads to high blood pressure.

          Too much calcium inside the cells of the heart will also cause over contraction of the heart muscle, or a charley horse of the heart, aka heart attack. Extremely painful like a leg charley horse, but not as survivable. So be aware that if you are B6 deficient, it can increase your level of “Soft tissue Calcification” which can increase your chances of having painful muscle contractions including a heart attack.

          Supplementing with liquid magnesium chloride can help with this. I like Trace Minerals Research “Mega Mag” ionic liquid magnesium chloride. It helps a lot by keeping excess calcium out of the soft tissue cells, like the heart cells, in addition to helping with B vitamin absorption issues. Please read “The Magnesium Miracle” by Dr. Carolyn Dean and “The Calcium Lie: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know Could Kill You” by Dr. Robert Thompson. Also good is “Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills” by Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock. It is about MSG and glutamate chemicals as well as aspartate chemicals etc.

          But back to things that deplete B6: Eating long chain saturated fatty acids found in meat and butter depletes B6 (B6 is used to break down the large fat molecule for absorption) (a better fat to eat is coconut oil, which is a medium chain fatty acid and is small enough to be absorbed without having to be broken down using B6.

          Waiting too long to eat depletes B6 (when the blood sugar gets low, B6 is used to do “gluconeogenesis” which means it is used in the liver to convert fat to sugar to combat low blood sugar for the brain. If you are short of B6, the brain will suffer when you wait too long to eat, since it will then run out of sugar to run itself). This is why people get really irritable when they wait too long to eat, especially if they are B6 deficient. B6 deficiency is at the root of hypoglycemia. and B6 deficiency itself is most likely caused by a mutation that impairs the body’s ability to properly absorb B6.

          Also, juicing might be problematic if you have a problem with too much calcium in your cells. If you have stiff joints and tight muscles and bone spurs, kidney stones, high blood pressure, migraines, muscle aches, atrial fibrillation, these are all signs that you are suffering from soft tissue calcification.
          If you have any of these problems, drinking a lot of fast sugar beverages, including juicing is not good. This is because whenever a fast sugar goes into a cell, excess phosphorus is pulled into that cell along with the fast sugar. And when excess phosphorus is pulled into a cell, that will then pull excess calcium into the cell and you will have problems with soft tissue calcification issues.

          These things are especially problematic if you have a CBS mutation because that will cause your body’s phosphorus levels to be too high.

          Vegetables that might be more ok for juicing would be wheat grass and celery and dandelion greens.

          Other wise, kale, spinach, broccoli, etc can cause problems.


          1. Genie

            Thanks, Rebecca, for the insight into B6. I didn’t realize its value in mineral absorption and detoxification. There is controversy about whether oxalates from greens can be a problem. Here is a collection of the research and another opinion on this subject.
            I have a problem with B Complex supplements, too. Though I seem to need them for energy, they are too stimulating (cause wakefulness), but taking a separate B6 supplement doesn’t seem to be a problem–I’ll look at that more closely. I have 2 homozygous COMT genes, so assume some of my problem was the form of B12 used in the B complex. Andrea’s post on this helped me find Adeno-B12.
            I’m reluctant to give up green (“foliage”) smoothies, they provide needed “folate” in a natural, assimilable form. After adding them to my daily diet my Breast Thermogram cancer numbers dropped 3 points and my intraocular pressure (glaucoma measure) ceased being threatening.

          2. Rebecca Danis

            Hi Genie, I am glad you are feeling better. As far as the oxalates or anything else for that matter, it probably all is personal as well, as far as what someone can or cannot tolerate. I just know in a few minutes if something bothers me, as I start getting joint pain or a headache or my vision gets blurry.
            As far as folate, Romaine Lettuce is, I believe higher in folate than the high oxalate greens you are using. Also orange juice and oranges are very high in folate. A better green to use might be dandelion greens as they help detoxify the liver and also organic celery would be good too.
            Even if you are not that B6 deficient, why use it up converting oxalic acid into a non toxic form? It sounds like you need extra B6 on board for other things, and you can get your folate from foods without oxalic acid.
            If you have a CBS mutation, you, for sure, need to stay away from stuff that uses up your B6.
            Also, it is important to note that breast cancers are called calcifications, and that connects to B6 in that you use B6 to remove excess phosphorus from your body through your kidneys; and if intercellular phosphorus levels build up, then that will increase intercellular calcium levels, which causes “soft tissue calcification”. So if you have a calcification in the form of a breast tumor, you wouldn’t want to be contributing to it by increasing the amount of phosphorus in your system since excess phosphorus “turbo charges” excess calcium into non bone cells and causes soft tissue calcification.

    7. Deanna

      Hi Ricki!

      You are right! MTHFR and methylation is nothing to mess with! At 37, I had two placental abruptions, fatigue, insomnia, and severe (PMDD) moodiness related to menstruation discovered my MTHFR mutation.

      I feel failed by traditional medicine because so much of my suffering could be avoided if I had known about this mutation. And now that I know about the mutation – it is just as difficult to treat with traditional providers. The western medical world has not caught up with the science behind this condition.

      I refer to Dr. Amy Yasko with regards to treatment – only because the closest practitioner is over 8 hours away from me. Dr. Yasko is a pioneer in epigenetics and understanding methylation. What I like about her program is the individual approach. I also like that she gives all the science behind her program. Not just her science but peer reviewed scientific studies. Also, Dr. Yasko is very clear there is no one size fits all approach to treatment. It is NECESSARY to understand any mutations you may have at any point in the methylation cycle – NOT just MTHFR. It bothers me that recommendations are being made all over the internet about treating MTHFR with methyl-B12. But people like me cannot take methyl-B12 because of the co-mutations I have in the methylation cycle. I must take hydroxy-B12.

      Knowledge is power. My suggestion to anyone learning about MTHFR mutations is to do a full DNA analysis so you can see the big picture of your genetics – not just MTHFR. There are so many other factors involved in treating methylation cycle defects. B vitamins are not the cure all!!! If you cannot find a specialist locally – do the research with Dr. Yasko and start slowly working to heal your body. Work through each step Dr. Yasko outlines. Do all the testing Dr. Yasko recommends – either through her office or through your local doctor. The testing is paramount to seeing your body heal. Take the recommended supplements – IN ORDER – SLOWLY – to reach each stage of healing. Detox only when you know you are in a mental and physical place to do so. Do not push the body. Horrible migraine headaches, body aches, mental fuzziness, and fatigue can result from detox. You should be monitored during this process. Understand that treatment involves pushing your body to bypass its natural imprint. Vitamins cause chemical changes in your mind and body. You must research and have a full understanding of what you are treating before pumping all kinds of vitamins in your body – you can cause unwanted chemical reactions if you are not informed.

      I feel empowered now that I know the root cause of so many ‘mystery’ symptoms and health events. I am taking recovery slowly and feel better every day. Even though I had many practitioners tell me I was ‘crazy’ – I know now that listening to my gut was the best gift I ever gave myself. I had to go outside of the box to heal. Thank you for sharing your story. Wishing everyone the best of health and healing.


      1. Kori

        Deanna, I am interested in speaking with you. Can you please contact me. I found Dr Yasko for help, but she doesn’t do skype appointments. I need helps desperately. Thank you!


    8. Rebecca Danis

      Hi Rick, just to let you know that I saw a medical study on pub med that linked excessive phosphorous with lung cancer. I have MTHFR 1298 hetero and CBS 699 homo and 40% of my genes mutated and 10% double mutations in addition to these two. The CBS mutation makes for high sulfur levels in the body and sulfur helps extract more phosphorous from foods, so phosphorous levels get really high. I figured this out on my own after almost going completely crazy after drinking a Dr. Pepper after not having soda for a while. At the time I had bad fibromyalgia and migraines in addition to having had type 1 diabetes for over 32 years. At any rate, you should look into the phosphorous issue. After figuring out that phosphorus didn’t agree with me, I went on a low phosphorus diet and completely got rid of my migraines and fibromyalgia and all this is most probably related to my double CBS 699 mutation. I have been reading that if you have a CBS mutation, that it should be treated before the MTHFR is treated.


      1. Sharon Dedo

        Rebecca- can you please point me to how to understand my CBS mutation in correlation to the MTHFR issues I have? I am on full Bio Identical hormone replacement 45 yr just had hysterectomy.
        MTHFR C677T rs1801133 AG +/-
        MAO A R297R rs6323 GT +/-
        MTHFR C677T rs1801133 AG +/-


        1. Rebecca Danis

          Hi Sharon, I have had a hysterectomy as well(oct 2010 had surgery on the 8th and came home on the 11th/ my 47th birthday). Were you bleeding too much? I was. Did you have a large fibroid or lots of them? I did. What I have figured out is that the fibroid tumor was a receptacle that was holding all the toxins my body could not get rid of including excess phosphorus. That excess phosphorus then pulled excess calcium into my soft tissue cells and caused extreme joint pain and muscle contractions. (excess calcium in soft tissue cells does that)

          Within two months of having the surgery I developed fibromyalgia so bad that I could not sit down. I got rid of it by going on a low phosphorus diet. It was just last year that I found out about all my mutations and the homozygous CBS one seems to be the worst one.

          According to what I have read, it is important to treat the CBS mutation before treating the MTHFR stuff. And a big part of treating the CBS mutation is to avoid foods high in sulfur and high in phosphorus. They say eating celery and wheat grass helps and to also take yucca supplements. also exercising and going swimming can help. I have found I always feel better after swimming, but I can only stay in 1/2 hr because if I stay in longer I start to feel dizzy. Exercising, especially heavy weight lifting uses up excess phosphorus in the body, so that can take a strain off your liver and kidneys, on an excretion level. Also swimming will help to pull out toxins through the skin. Going into a sauna will also help.

          google about the CBS mutation diet and also determine whether you are an “up regulated” CBS person like myself, or a “down regulated” one. If you are “up regulated” supplementing for your MTHFR issues with Methyl Folate can actually cause problems for you like it did me.


        2. Rebecca Danis

          In addition to my other comment Sharon, I want to let you know something that the Doctors don’t really know, but I believe from my personal experience. This is: I believe that hormone replacement actually works for menopause symptoms because estrogen depletes excess phosphorus. I believe that is all it does and that estrogen actually causes cancer after a while and that is why hormone replacement therapy has been associated with an increase in cancer.

          I do not do hormone replacement therapy and I only get menopause symptoms if I eat any food that is high in phosphorus or sulfur. I will get the hot flashes and mood swings and what I call crazy peeing, because you have to get up so many times at night to pee that you get sleep deprived and it drives you crazy. At any rate, these things only happen if I eat foods and beverages high in phosphorus. I am 52 now and I never get hot flashes etc. at all.

          It seems to me that hot flashes are the body’s way of burning off excess phosphorus. And the crazy peeing is the body’s attempts to get rid of the excess phosphorus through the urine, and our body’s are not very good at getting rid of the phosphorus in one pee, so we have to go lots of times.

          That vaginal dry wall they talk about and vaginal pain…. that can be related to excess calcium getting in the cells due to the excess phosphorus build up in the cells.

          Also, some people say that having an alcoholic drink relieves menopause symptoms, and that is probably because alcohol depletes excess phosphorus.

          You know, I may not be right and I am not telling you what to do, but it has worked for me. You can try out what I am saying (Go on a very low phosphorus/ very low sulfur diet/ which you should anyway since you have a CBS mutation) and see if it works for you.

          Go off your stuff for a month and see what happens. The proof is in the pudding.

          But first start taking Trace Minerals Research “Mega Mag” ionic liquid magnesium chloride for a couple months beforehand and if it is ok for you to take Advil, take Advil with Country Life Lysine w/ B6 (the lysine w/ B6 helps the liver break down the Advil). The purpose of taking the Advil is because Advil also depletes excess phosphorus in the system.

          The other thing you can do to deplete excess phosphorus in the system is to take CALM magnesium carbonate. Make sure to balance both doses of the Mega Mag magnesium chloride with the amount of CALM magnesium carbonate you take, so that it will total 400mg, which is the RDA for magnesium.

          As you get more used to magnesium, and since your body is chronically stressed, you can probably take more. I take between 600mg and 1200mg per day, but I have worked up to it. If you take too much, you will get loose stools. The body has a fail safe for magnesium that way.

          At any rate in the AM I take 3 dropperfulls (1 dropperfull = 100mg) of Mega Mag w/ a little Odwall OJ and before meals, I take about 1/2 tsp full of the CALM magnesium carbonate powder in a little warm water (it is fizzy). In the evening before bed, I take 3 more dropperfulls (300mg) of Mega Mag.

          so I take about 1 1/2 tsp a day of the CALM which is about 2 tsp is 350mg, so 1 tsp is 175 mg, and 1/2 tsp is about 90mg, so I take a total of 265mg of the CALM and 600mg of the Mega Mag for a grand total of an avg of 865mg of magnesium per day.

          For you to start, I would suggest trying 1/4 to 1/2 dropperfull of the Mega Mag with a little juice (It is always best with any supplements to start them one at a time, so you know exactly which one disagrees with you if it does, or you know exactly which one benefits you and how) (It is also important to start low and slow with any supplement because you can always take more of something, but not less, and everyone’s perfect level is different and for those of us with methylation issues, sometimes we only need a little tiny bit of something and too much can disagree with us, even though a little might be beneficial.) (So always start one thing at a time and a lower dose than the bottle recommends and build up to the RDA (or your perfect dose) slowly to give your body time to adjust)

          So basically start the Mega Mag first: 1/4 to 1/2 tsp in AM and 1/4 to 1/2 tsp in PM
          and then gradually build up to the RDA of 400mg per day (2 dropperfulls = 200mg) in AM and then 2 dropperfulls in PM. (1 dropperfull = 100mg, so 1/4=25mg and 1/2 = 50mg)

          If you start to have loose stools, then you have taken a bit too much, so just go back down on dose and work up to the RDA a bit more slowly.

          (be warned the Mega Mag tastes bad so you have to dilute it with a little water or juice and shoot it back in a shot glass, but I will tell you the magnesium chloride, more than anything has saved my life. I had restless leg so bad I couldn’t sleep and I had allergies and my hair was falling out and my muscles were spasming all the time, and this magnesium got rid of all of it/// an no I do not get paid by the company, although i hope they never go out of business)

          Magnesium is used in over 400 enzymatic reactions in the body and everyone tends to be deficient, especially us “mutants” :), so magnesium can cause improvement in many different bodily functions.

          At any rate, starting to supplement with magnesium first if you decide to go off your HRT will help things go better. Whether you stay on HRT or not, you should definitely start supplementing with Magnesium.

          I take the CALM magnesium carbonate primarily to deplete excess phosphorus in my system. For basic magnesium absorption and metabolism for all 400 enzymatic reactions that need to happen, I take the liquid magnesium chloride “Mega Mag” since it is the best absorbed and metabolized of all magnesium types and with mutant genes, one needs to have the best and easiest absorbed supplements.

          At any rate, feel free to post any other questions. I am not a doctor, though I have taken all the prerequisites to get into a master’s program for nursing and then had to drop out because I could not prove that I had the Measles Mumps Rubella immunization as a child, which of course I did, because it was the 60’s, my mom was a nurse, and everyone got their immunizations, but apparently my body cannot make antibodies (probably another mutation glitch) and so I cannot prove that I am immunized. I tried to get immunized again (before I found out about my mutations) and it made me deathly ill (probably because of the mercury) and so I refused to take the second shot required and they won’t let you go to nursing school without it.

          So I have the anatomy and chemistry and microbiology and physiology etc background, which, actually turned out to be a big help when I started having all my medical problems a few years later, so it wasn’t a loss as far as that was concerned.

          In that light, I would also recommend to you to do searches on PubMed, which is a search engine run by the NBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information). This site lists all scientific medical studies published in peer reviewed (peers being biotech scientists and doctors) medical journals.

          This is where the doctors get their information, if they bother to keep up with the latest technology/// unfortunately many don’t, so for your own protection, you should try to keep up, and if you don’t understand anything, just google it. Soon you’ll be reading these studies like a pro. Plus also look to see who financed the study because results can be swayed to benefit those financing it.


          1. Xanthe

            Dear Rebecca,

            Thank you so much for all your responses! I have read most of them several times and copied and pasted in email to myself others for later. I am Compound Heterozygous and also extremely prone to kidney stones and reading your comments regarding phosphrous I believe this may also be a problem. I am 45. I have for the vast majority of my life (barring a stint in teenage years) been on a wholefood organic diet. I’ve studied herbal medicine and yoga as well as wholefood cooking. MTHFR was only discovered after 3 miscarriages in quick secession when I was 42. I now have a 2.5 year old son. I have found supplementation to be extremely problematic and have been searching for someone to make some sense to me about the missing links in diet etc. Without going into my life story…… I have mostly always been healthy largely due to being vigilant in living a toxic free life both internally and externally. However the older I get the harder it gets to manage with this alone. Mood is a big issue at the moment and fatigue (which may just be the 2.5yr old??). Anyway thank you so much for sharing you knowledge and experience as I now have a lot to go away and look into and try. I really appreciate it. All the best to you.

    9. Debby Poindexter

      Ricki, you give me much hope. I just found out a year ago I have the heterozygous A1298C. I am 64. I’ve been fighting with this since I was young, but it has finally showed it’s ugly head. I have a lot of gut issues also, but in remission at this time. I’ve changed my diet. I went to a dietician that specializes in MTHFR diets and this helped tremendously, but she sent me on to a naturopathic doctor and as much as I like her, some of the supplements she gave me only made me worse. I am on some precription meds and she wanted me to get off everything and she would give me her plan.
      We did a complete DNA test besides the MTHFR and it made me even crazier. I’m not going to continue to see her because of the cost which my insurance does not pay for. Does insurance pay for this Integrative Medical Doctor? I’m hoping to find one near me. Thanks for sharing. I wish you well and that the Angels would look over you. Debby


  27. Blake Traylor

    I am just wondering where seeds and almonds fall in the MTHFR world. I am waiting for results from genetic testing and realize there is no one size fits all but still wonder if these foods are ever indicated? I soak organic seeds (pumpkin, sunflower & chia) and soak almonds. Rinse and then dehydrate. Not to include the chia, which I simply soak first. So, essentially sprouted and dehydrated. Do these food items fit anywhere in MTHFR world? I rely on them. Thank you.


  28. Erin

    hello I have discovered I have the mthfr gene mutation homozygous and did lose my baby at 8 months due to blood clotting at the time I had no idea why but luckily one dr. was smart enough to test me for this gene its so uncommon and so many people don’t know they have it and go years suffering and beating their heads against a brick wall trying to figure out why their sick or having trouble conceiving or miscarriages im glad to see sites like this of people who come together and support each other and give advice on how to better ourselves! I am gluten free and also try to add in a few raw veggies in a day. I also had heard that caffeine and alcohol anything that constricts your blood vessles is very bad since were prone to blood clots. what is your take on that?


    1. Andrea Post author

      I’m so sorry for your loss, Erin. I am not really able to comment on the caffeine and alcohol as I’m not a medical researcher or doctor, but you may want to consult with a hematologist or vascular specialist if you’ve read something saying that those substances should be avoided.


  29. Heather Brandt

    can you refer me to any resources explaining how much protein we need? I eat paleo and that means it is high protein. I have read paleo or GAPS diet can benefit folks with MTHFR so I don’t understand the contradiction and don’t know what to do :/


    1. Andrea Post author

      Hi Heather – Great question! Dr. Lynch recommends 0.7 grams protein per kilogram of body weight here

      I’m not sure where Paleo came in as being recommended for MTHFR people – I know a lot of people like it because it’s less sugar and removes grains and processed foods but to my knowledge it is not necessarily a better diet for MTHFR because of all the meat. Another recommendation from Dr. Lynch is to eat foods that are low in methionine if you have have elevated homocysteine (as many people with homozygous 677CT do). So that doesn’t really jive with the paleo diet because if you look at that list, meats are very high in methionine. There is no “one size fits all diet” for MTHFR and from what I can put together, paleo (while it has its virtues) certainly would not be it.


      1. Heather Brandt

        Thank you! I think maybe they recommend it to help heal leaky gut which some of us have? I don’t know…I know I don’t necessarily feel that great eating lots of meat right now and it is hard to juggle with my kids who are on GAPS (my gut feeling is I could just do gluten-free and restricted/limited dairy–which I do right now as it is but with most of our meals being GAPS). I’m a newbie to learning about my husband and I both being homoz 677CT and it is all a lot to take in right now…though in one sense it brings some relief to know that our fertility probs were related to something genetic :/


        1. spirova17

          Personally I would make up my own nutrition plan based on what you know about your own personal needs – you can pull from various diets. I find some of these popular diets to be too limiting for every person, or too much of a temptation to not pay attention to what your body is telling you. Sounds like you know about your own requirements and have the knowledge to take charge =) Good luck on the road to better health!


      2. Judy forccino

        Hi Everyone- I am C677T, and A1298C just learning what all this means. I have had Chronic Lyme since 1993, I follow The Blood Type Diet, (Type A) was leaning a bit more toward the Paleo, but was not feeling well, getting brain fog really bad, nausea, and fatigue sent me to my Doctor for this recent Genetic testing revelation! I have went back to Vegan and it has helped me a lot, feeling better. Waiting for my supplements to arrive! Gathering information, thank you all for your input. I do eat an organic diet entirely. do not expose myself to pesticides, or chemicals as much as I can control. I will try to stay active on here and give any information I learn as well. Again, Thank you!


  30. K

    hi there. i recently saw a new ob who is in the middle of testing me for mthfr. i have a lot of symptoms of hypothyroid but all those came back normal (antibodies, free t3 & t4 and tsh). after talking to the dr and speaking of my miscarriages, she said it sounds like i have a form of mthfr.
    i promised myself i wouldnt look it up on the web until i knew if i had it. but i found myself “googling” today and i found your site.
    one thing i found interesting is that if i do have it she made a comment that when we become (hopefully) pregnant again that i have to go on a higher dose of folic acid, take a baby aspirin and also use lovenox injections. does this sound right to you?
    granted i dont know if i even have it, on the dr’s end it was a quick, “this is how we will handle you when you get pregnant” type of comment. so i know we will go more into once the results come in.
    i will do more “digging” later when i get home. i am so glad i found your site. looks like a lot of helpful info here!!! thank you for posting it!


      1. K

        Thank you. Sorry i should of waited until i got home and was able to do more research instead of panicking and writing a comment right way. but thank you for responding and i will head of there tonight. thanks.


  31. Christine

    I found out recently that I am Homozygous for A1298C so my ND put me on a 5-MTHF, 1mg supplement made by Thorne Research. I am supposed to take 4 capsules per day. I have been reading a lot online about people taking B-Vitamin supplements in addition to the MTHF supplement. I asked my doctor about this and she said that I did not need the B vitamins because my bloodwork showed that I am not deficient. Do you only need to take the B Vitamins with the MTHF if you are deficient???


    1. Andrea Post author

      My understanding is that the B vitamins all work together, so you wouldn’t want to supplement with just one form. Red blood cell (the usual serum testing) is also not always accurate. And everyone’s situation is completely different so it’s impossible to advise you on anything without knowing more about your health. If you’d like to talk about your case specifically, please post in the forums as all personal discussions take place over there. =)


  32. Sara

    Hi Andrea

    I just found your website and I think it’s great. I will be spending a lot more time here reading the info you’ve put up. One comment I’d like to make – The absorption of B12 can be reduced or prevented completely if a person has Pernicious Anaemia (PA). PA is really quite common amongst people with endocrine autoimmune diseases, such as Hashimoto’s, etc. So you can eat as much B12 containing foods as you like but your body will not absorb it. This then becomes a double whammy with the MTHFR genetic thing.


    1. Andrea Post author

      Thanks so much for sharing that information, Sara! Those with autoimmune diseases should ask their doctor for a methylmalonic acid (MMA) test to determine whether they are B12 deficient. Then they may supplement with B12, perhaps with methylcobalamin shots if they tolerate the methyls…or sublingual B12. Lithium orotate in very small amounts is helpful with B12 transport. Others may also want to take intrinsic factor if that is deficient.


  33. Jen

    Wow – thank you so much!! Between my three children and I (MTHFR and other mutations like CBS, and COMT) it’s been difficult to determine what to eat and how to supplement. This information is invaluable and has inspired me to start juicing collards 😉


    1. Rebecca Danis

      You should not juice collards or any veggie that is high in oxalic acid. Oxalic acid is a toxin, and it uses up B6 stores to convert it into a nontoxic form, and if you have gene mutations, you are already going to have problems keeping enough B6 on board. So you will already have B6 deficieny (and this can lead to issues such as tingling in the extremities, blurry vision, heart problems, inability to clear phosphorus (which is already a big problem with CBS mutations) etc) And with B6 deficiency you can’t just take more B6 or P5P to remedy this, because the body can only absorb a certain amount of B6 and any more than that of B6 will cause the same problems as a B6 deficiency does.

      Also, I would advice against juicing or drinking fast sugar liquids of any sort (aka be moderate with healthy juices like OJ that chelates excess calcium from cells and helps magnesium be absorbed), but avoid all sodas and sugary fake juices and most of the veggie juices (esp the high oxalic acid ones).

      Whenever a fast sugar goes into the cells, it takes too much phosphorus into the cells with it and this then can kill the cell, because it over acidifies the cell. The body will respond to this threat by then leeching calcium from the bones to buffer the acid condition of the cell since calcium is an alkaline mineral. But then calcium causes its own problems because it starts to “cement” the cell and all activities within the cell start to slow down including mitochondrial production of the cell’s (and ultimately the body’s ) basic energy unit, which is ATP. So then this slowed down mitochondrial activity that lowers ATP production then causes chronic fatigue.

      In addition, the excess calcium that floods into the cell also increases pain and muscle contractions and anxiety since calcium increases the electrical firing of all the cells, so any cell that has too much calcium in it will be “riled up” (a muscle cell will spasm (charley horses/ heart attacks) a nerve cell will feel intense pain (fibromyalgia/ nerve oversensitivity), a brain cell will be overactive which could cause irritability and insomnia.

      Remember the chain of events in this cascade.
      1. CBS mutation causes excess sulfur
      2. Excess sulfur makes the body absorb too much phosphorus from food
      3. Sulfur and phosphorus build up in the system since (due to the mutations) the kidneys can’t clear it properly.
      4. The excess phosphorus chemicals get into the cell
      5.This threatens the ph of the cell (the cell ph must stay between 7.35- 7.4 to remain alive)
      6. To save the cell, the body leeches calcium from the bones to buffer the phosphorus acid condition and keep the cell ph in a safe level (7.35 to 7.4)
      7. In the short run, this excess calcium in the cells raises the electrical firing of the cells and causes pain, irritability, muscle contractions, insomnia and soft tissue calcification and eventually cell death, which then leads to muscle weakness and deterioration, joint pain and deterioration, brain cell death which leads to dementia

      At any rate, you do not want too much phosphorus to get into your non bone cells and start this chain reaction.
      8. In the long run, this leeching of calcium from the bones to buffer acid in the non bone cells, eventually causes osteoporosis

      so this can to buffer the acid of the excess phosphorus, also increases (that has flooded into the cell (with all the “fast sugar” (which is any liquid that has a sugar source)

      The inability to clear sulfur and phosphorus in CBS mutations will lead to excess phosphorus in the cells, which will lead to excess calcium in the cells (soft tissue calcification/// please read The Calcium Lie: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know Could Kill You by Dr. Robert Thompson and read Calcification:The Phosphate Factor in Aging and Disease by Mark Mayer)


  34. dawn

    Andrea, thank you for taking the time to pull together all this information. Having recently discovered that I have homozygous MTHFR, I am so overwhelmed with what I am finding online. All the abbreviations, delicate balances of supplements indicated, and debate over what and how much is affected by this condition is just too much information for me to absorb. I’d almost rather not know, except that I have finally become symptomatic after 36 years of blissful ignorance. But your writing is a breath of fresh air, giving me hope that a normal individual without a medical degree might actually be able to get a handle on this thing (with the doctor’s help, naturally – but mine is the kind who just thinks tossing some Deplin at me means problem solved).

    I note that you have the compound heterozygous form of the gene. Do you know if these dietary recommendations are the same for other types of mutation? Is treatment the same no matter which type of mutation you have?


    1. Andrea Post author

      Hi Dawn, Thanks so much for your comment and I’m really happy that you’ve found my information helpful!

      I think a common misconception is that there is a sort of “one size fits all” diet for MTHFR. This is definitely not the case. A very large percentage of the population has MTHFR gene mutations and these people differ in their food sensitivities, other significant gene variants (SNPs), overall health and environment. The most important thing I can recommend is to keep your food and environment as clean as possible, watch your intake of processed foods, remove folic acid (and food fortified with it) from your diet and eat organic. Everything else really depends on you and what you need to achieve nutritionally from your diet.

      I hope that helps even though I realize it probably isn’t the simple answer you were looking for.


      1. Jennifer

        I have the A1298c and the C677T. How do you go about finding a physician that knows about this and can help with diet? I’ve been dealing with this for over a year know and no one locally knows how to treat this for me.


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