A great summer favorite for me is a fresh salad, prepared with high quality organic ingredients. This one is easy to change up – simply substitute different vegetables or add some grilled or roasted protein on top. Marinated goat’s cheese is a tasty addition here, just drown rolled chunks of it in olive oil and your favorite seasonings in a jar, and place in the fridge for at least an hour (the longer you leave it the deeper the flavor). Drain before using it in the salad.

Firm, ripe tomatoes, cut

Cucumber, sliced and halved or quartered

High quality olive oil

High quality red wine vinegar

Lemon, halved

Goat’s cheese (remember to drain if using the marinated variety – the oil can be used as additional dressing)

Fresh basil, torn

Pitted black olives

Mixed baby lettuces

Start with the lettuce at the bottom of the bowl. You don’t need much of this, just cover the bottom. Place the tomatoes, cucumbers, basil and olives on top. Crumble the goat’s cheese (drain off liquid first if using a marinated variety) over the top. Drizzle evenly with oil and vinegar and squeeze fresh lemon juice on top to taste. Toss well before serving.

mediterrranean salad

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