I’ve added some new additions to the family over the last couple of weeks. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also helping to detoxify our home. They’re my beautiful new houseplants, which not only help freshen the air but are also enjoyable to care for as well.

majesty palm

It’s really hot where I live so we keep our doors and windows closed. Unfortunately well-insulated homes keep the air from circulating and this can lead to a build up of toxins. Even if you can’t smell chemicals in your home, they are there, in plastics, walls, paint, cleaning supplies, dry cleaning, adhesives, etc. Common home pollutants include benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, trichloroethylene and xylene.

Snake plant

Studies have shown that it’s possible to reduce indoor air pollution by installing houseplants. On the advice of one of my health practitioners, I quickly headed out to the garden centers for a look around.


Some popular plants that are touted especially for their detoxifying properties are: Aloe, Boston Fern, Chinese Evergreen, Chrysanthemum, Corn Plant, Dracaena Janet Craig, Dwarf Date Palm, English Ivy, Ficus Alii, Flamingo Flower, Gerber Daisy, Golden Pothos, Marginata, Money Tree, Palm plants, Peace Lily, Philodendrons, Red-edged dracaena, Rubber Plant, Snake Plant (Mother-in-Law’s Tongue), Spider Plants, Umbrella Tree, Warneckii and Weeping Fig.

money trees

I picked up these Money Trees at IKEA for less than $20 each.

Whatever plants you choose, they can help with cleaning up the air around the house. For me, choosing plants that particularly assisted with benzene, which is a known toxin for me, was important. I could definitely do with more plants but I started to run out of places to put them!

peace lily detox plant

3 thoughts on “Taking Care Of the Air With Houseplants

  1. Trace

    PS…Please forgive my horrible writing as I have not been feeling well at all, and it’s hard to formulate words, and sentences. I meant to put that I worked for a cosmetic company that sold perfumes (just an example of where my fatigue started from. okay that’s all folks….Im sure there are other issues with my writing but too exhausted to care, lol …. peace!


  2. Trace

    Re: Long Island Doctor
    Hi Andrea,

    Really glad to see your website! I, too suffer from a combo of ailments that I include Adrenal Fatigue, Systemic Candidiasis, Pre-Diabetes, positive for Pernicious Anemia, and god knows how many more. I worked for a cosmetic company for about a year and immediately starting showing signs of infection; throat and nose, massive fatigue, rashes, etc. In fact, that was back in 2010 and I still to this day have a servere underarm rash that doctors cannot clear up, nor know what to do with me. I have been to so many doctors that the thought of even walking into their office anymore stresses me out so bad, that I just can’t get myself to go.
    Anyway, I came across your site and saw others looking for a Doctor in Long Island, which is where I am from. There is a Dr. Debe~ who seems very knowledgeable about all kinds of disorders, diseases, or however we are calling this these days.

    There are so many different forms of labeling Adrenal Fatigue, and so much info that I am so confused and exhausted just trying to figure it out.

    I did read something very interesting about “Turpentine” which I stubbled across while looking up yeast infections and the gut. It’s 100% Therapeutic grade which is also known as 100% Gum Spirit. I KNOW sounds crazy, but the more I read, the more interesting it sounded. Not sure if you’re familiar with but wanted to pass on to you and everyone else out there who is suffering. I found it through Amazon, I believe. It’s been used for century and known to cure many different diseases, even cancer. But I advise everyone to read up on it and then have them make their own conclusions. Dr. Daniels was the one who re-discovered this as it was used and written in the Bible, but changed by the MSDS or Osha regulations. (after realizing Merck couldn’t compete)

    Anyway Dr. Debe, I have not seen yet but am planning on soon. I live very far east of him but after spending so much waisted time and money, and not getting better, I probably will be making an appt tomorrow. That’s when I thought of your site and thought I would include info. He’s located I believe in Great Neck, and also helps long distant patients if needed, via phone.

    Good luck to everyone out there, and please keep up the good work. My philosophy in life is, “Food can kill you, but can also heal you.” WE ALL NEED TO STOP EATING PROCESSED, FAST FOOD, AND SOME RESTAURANT FOOD. I feel as though it’s almost like a scam by the goverment, uneducated people think the foods we eat and put into our bodies, because are labeled with BS, if we are knowledgeable about it, we could die. Insurance companies make a killing while the FDA is killing us!

    Thanks for reading…Trace LI NY


    1. Andrea

      Hi Trace – thank you so much for your comment and sharing your story here…I am so sorry to hear that you are having so many problems with your health. Perfumes are very toxic according to the Environmental Working Group – this article is very informative about the laws that protect the manufacturers and the toxic ingredients: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/toxic-perfumes-and-colognes/

      Wishing you good luck with Dr. Debe. Perhaps avoiding personal care products with fragrance (if you aren’t already) will help speed your recovery. If you have been tested and have MTHFR, getting your methylation going with the proper vitamin supplements will assist in detoxifying from some of these chemicals that you are exposed to. I hope you start feeling better soon! Wishing you well…


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