*Updated 8 Feb, 2014*

I had a revelation last week. My test results from the research clinic finally came back and I have quite the toxic load. I don’t think it’s helpful at this stage to talk about my specific problems because I am currently being treated for them. I have no idea if the treatment will work for me and all the research is so revolutionary and new that it isn’t even published yet. But let’s just say that I believe I am now on the road to recovery for many of my health issues.

finding the root cause microscope

The immune system is both delicate and complex. Seemingly dormant viruses and toxins can be silently wreaking havoc on your system. These include chemicals, heavy metals, parasites, bacteria, viruses, radiation, fungus and molds. Plenty of confirmed research on this has been published in medical journals. The HPV virus, for example, can be a cause of cervical cancer. Lyme disease can lead to infertility and premature menopause without the person even remembering being bitten by a tick. Candida overgrowth can cause migraines, asthma, cancer and more. Toxins in the environment can cause gene mutations that lead to health problems; viruses can also cause gene mutations. These are just a few examples but you see where I’m going with this…it isn’t enough to simply stop at the disease. One must explore the root causes of the disease!

My two major health problems that I have not been able to figure out are infertility and tinnitus. Auto-immune disorders can lead to tinnitus. Bacteria, toxins and viruses can all lead to infertility. I tested positive, for example, for benzene and styrene, both on the list of common carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. Where did I pick these up? I used to use oil paints in my art projects when I was growing up. Like most women I’ve used nail polish and nail polish remover and consumed diet soft drinks in the past. While it’s been years since I’ve had a diet soda or been around oil paint, obviously those toxins stayed with me. My MTHFR makes it more difficult for my body to eliminate these toxins. Has all of this caused my inability to get and stay pregnant?

If you have unexplained health issues and genetic mutations I believe it is essential to get out there and find the root causes. I do not accept that I am doomed because I have these substances in my body. I don’t even accept my genetic mutations! Women suffering from unexplained infertility should go out and get a copy of Alan Beer’s book, Is Your Body Baby-Friendly? He talks about a myriad of possibilities that most reproductive endocrinologists are not going to explore with you before recommending IVF and other infertility treatments, which fall into five categories of immune problems. You could be suffering from underlying illnesses that are not just keeping you from getting pregnant but that may also be putting you at risk for cancer and other serious illnesses. You should also have a nutritional assessment done. Deficiencies in vitamins and minerals can also cause problems and prevent your body and immune system from functioning as it should.

Immunologists can be a good starting point for this testing as can naturopathic doctors. Investigate your options for testing with your doctor. You’re going to need to optimize your methylation and glutathione levels to effectively get rid of the junk.  I still have a long way to go but I am really hoping for a good outcome with regards to my infertility and tinnitus. Don’t let unknown factors degrade your health and don’t settle for simply treating the symptoms and getting by.

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