In my last post I talked about my experience with breast thermography and how my baseline thermogram revealed that I’m having some issues with lymphatic blockage and fibrocystic breast changes. One of the tips that my thermographic technician told me about was a technique called dry brushing. I am doing this daily now and always before I get in the shower. It feels amazing and has a number of health benefits including stimulation of the lymphatic system and improving the circulatory system.

dry brushing breast health detox

Dry brushing at home is easy. Simply purchase a long-handled, soft natural-fiber bristle brush and then read this page thoroughly for complete instructions on the dry-brushing technique. You’ll want to incorporate this into your daily routine and don’t worry, it doesn’t take long at all once you get used to the technique. You’ll exfoliate your skin, improve digestion, clear toxins, improve your circulation and experience a number of other health benefits.

I even got my husband to practice dry brushing. He suffers from lymphedema in his arm after an unnecessary, ill-advised surgery to remove a lymph node from his armpit resulted in the condition. I am inspired by the story of a woman who claims to have completely cured her leg lymphedema through a series of lifestyle and diet changes that included dry brushing. I think that this technique can have a benefit for anyone looking to detoxify, especially those of us who struggle with it because of issues with methylation.

According to Jan Janzen, author of Breast Health Exposed! 21 Secrets Most Doctors Will Never Tell You About Your Breasts, you should take a week’s break from dry-brushing each month to prevent your body from becoming “overly habituated to the practice.” She also recommends breast self-massage, which you can learn by watching the linked video on her website.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

2 thoughts on “How To Dry Brush Your Skin For Better Health

  1. Jan

    Where do you buy a good dry body brushing long handle brush?
    I recently finished lymphedema treatments for the legs and feet. Jan


    1. Andrea Post author

      Hi Jan – try Whole Foods or online – I just plugged “brushes for dry brushing skin” into the search engine and plenty of options came up. Good luck! 🙂 Andrea


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