“How do I find a knowledgeable doctor near me” is becoming a Frequently Asked Question, so I wanted to provide the link to Dr. Ben Lynch’s Physician Directory and made this a sticky post for ease of reference.



3 thoughts on “Physician Directory

  1. Rita Gerber

    I agree Sylvia. I will delete this as it is useless to me. I do not have the time for that. Would love getting a directory that is organized by location, so please, Dr. Lynch, redo it. Thanks.


  2. Tracey Taylor

    Trapped in a system that won’t acknowledge the illness and it’s literally taking my life away. Anyone willing to take a charity care case. I have already undergone Exome and I’m literally disappearing and disabled. I want to live and thrive again.


  3. Sylvia Ericson

    The Physician’s directory is organized by the person’s name, not by the location. It’s very time consuming to go through the list looking for the location of the practitioner.


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