Summer is often slow in research news so I don’t have much for you today. Only one article caught my attention but I did find it interesting enough to post about.

Hypothyroidism May Lead to Impaired Driving

People suffering from untreated, significant hypothyroidism may experience impairment on par with those who drive under the influence of alcohol, according to a new study (Science Daily). Considering the fact that about six per cent of the US population alone have this condition and up to 60 per cent of those are unaware of it, this raises significant support for the need for universal screening and adequate treatment of the disease.


One thought on “Important News For You IX

  1. mary

    Interesting!! Thank you for sharing this. I was wondering how you got your thyroid under control? Did you take Naturethroid or some other more natural thyroid medication, or supplement? I’ve been dealing with low basal body temp. for years and subclinical hypothyroidism. Thanks!


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