When I started this blog I always hoped that at some point I would be able to open it up to more voices than just my own. As we prepare to welcome a new addition to our family, I find myself extremely busy and I don’t foresee this slowing down until well into second quarter next year. So I’d like to open this blog to contributors, in particular health practitioners in the areas of MTHFR and holistic health, and also those of you who write well and feel like you have a MTHFR or related genetic mutation journey story that you’d like to share.

MTHFR Living attracts over 12,000 unique visitors per month and we have almost 600 subscribers. I note this because for those doctors and practitioners working in the area, this can be excellent exposure for your services and your voice. That said, I am not looking for commercial posts written only to drive traffic to your website or promote products or services. The post should contain evidence-based health and lifestyle information for our readers. On that note, I am open to your topics and especially keen to have articles about topics that I have not yet explored on this website, or that require further discussion.

We also offer you the opportunity to host a discussion session in our forums, where readers may post their questions for you to respond, allowing further interactivity should you wish to have that.

Please see the guidelines for further information on this program and thank you in advance for all of your wonderful contributions.

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