I used to be a non-believer. Having read an article somewhere about the explosion of acupuncture services with no proven evidence that they even work, I’d dismissed it as just another fad. Then I met one of my now closest friends. She’s an accomplished Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor with a lovely clinic in Charlotte. About two years later, after trying unsuccessfully to conceive for a few months, I reconsidered. My friend had a lot of success treating her patients’… Read more »

*Updated 1 March 2014* I think it’s really important to celebrate any little victories you have on your way to wellness. So today I’m excited about a few health developments that are looking good for me. There’s been a lot of nay-saying about MTHFR and its effects on health lately. Many doctors tell patients that their MTHFR issues are insignificant or nothing to worry about. People toss around the word ‘quack’ when pooh-poohing research about the genetic mutations and too… Read more »