*Updated 1 March 2014* I think it’s really important to celebrate any little victories you have on your way to wellness. So today I’m excited about a few health developments that are looking good for me. There’s been a lot of nay-saying about MTHFR and its effects on health lately. Many doctors tell patients that their MTHFR issues are insignificant or nothing to worry about. People toss around the word ‘quack’ when pooh-poohing research about the genetic mutations and too… Read more »

Back in July I began to discuss some of the things that those of us with MTHFR want to avoid around the house. Since then I’ve been going room by room, looking for products and substances that I want to eradicate from our lives. Additionally, I’ve added houseplants and switched to organic products where necessary. Why? Remember that if you have MTHFR gene mutations your body already struggles to detoxify. You don’t want to contribute to the problem. And never mind that anyway…. Read more »