Finding out you have some strange, obscene-sounding genetic variant is no walk in the park. You start searching online and find some blog posts and the odd article explaining it, most of the technical information going right over your head. You find out that you’re not alone – far from it – but the more you read the more you realize just how much of a bugger this thing really is. Nobody can tell you how much or what exact… Read more »

Before trying to get pregnant I would have thought I was the picture of health. Rarely ill with ailments like the common cold, my only main complaint was my hypothyroidism, which I thought was being managed properly until earlier this year. That’s the thing about being young: usually our bodies are resilient and even if we have unknown issues like MTHFR happening in the background, toxins build up silently and physical symptoms sometimes don’t present until later in life.  … Read more »