I was super excited to receive my new cold-press juicer in the mail a few weeks ago. Sick and tired of all the sugary juices on the store shelves, with their ingredients of dubious origins, I was ready to make my own. And what fun it has been, especially from an experimental perspective because I really didn’t know what and how I should be juicing the different fruits and vegetables. I just popped whatever I thought would taste good together… Read more »

I’m just starting to explore beans as a protein alternative to meat. Cannellini beans are attractive because, in addition to being low glycemic, low in fat and rich in fiber, they are also wonderful for detoxification. They are high in molybdenum, which stimulates detoxifying enzymes in the body, helping to remove dangerous substances like acetaldehyde and sulfites. They are also packed with antioxidants. Be sure to always boil Cannellini beans for at least 10 minutes before consuming them – they contain… Read more »