So I went to see a reproductive endocrinologist. I wanted to get some hormonal testing done to see how my body is doing at this point in time. I had some concerns that I was having anovulatory cycles and wanted to discuss my perception of short luteal phase with a specialist. I’m having mixed feelings about all of this but it was good to finally have a piece of paper confirming that something is indeed wrong with my body and… Read more »

No, this blog hasn’t turned into an episode from the show Breaking Bad. I’ve never even seen in person the more insidious substance that drives that program. I’m talking about methylated B vitamins here, which are crucial to conquering MTHFR. I’m not planning on telling you how to dose in this post, but I was pretty confused about what to do when I first learned I had MTHFR and, like you might be, I wanted to know how much and… Read more »