Aside from its intoxicating aroma, saffron has some exciting health benefits. High in carotenoids, it offers vision, brain and circulation improvements. Saffron functions as an anti-oxidant and an anti-septic, lifting the mood and helping digestion. This potent spice is also high in a number of key minerals and provides a boost to the immune system. This dish can be prepared with a number of different types of fish fillets: snapper, sea bass, monkfish or John Dory will all present wonderfully… Read more »

These pancakes are a brunch-time favorite at my house and so easy to whip together. I’ve modified the recipe on the back of the bag of my favorite flour blend, Namaste Foods Gluten Free Perfect Blend Flour so that it’s both gluten and dairy-free. This all-purpose flour is so amazing – I replace it cup for cup in my recipes. It’s free of the top eight allergens and you can buy it in bulk at a great price from Costco…. Read more »