Over the summer my husband did a several week-long therapy program for his arm lymphedema. The treatment involved the daily changing of compression garments and he was instructed to spray Lysol on one of the bandage sets every night in between the treatments. Seriously? They want me to spray chemicals onto pieces of material that are going to lie next to your skin? Only to be absorbed into an arm that is struggling with lymph drainage and detox? A medical… Read more »

One-dish oven dinners that I can simply toss together and allow to bake are my favorite. This time of year always becomes chaotic in my household; trying to finish off the last projects of the year, holiday shopping and parties galore often leave me short on time and long on stress. So I love a meal that requires little preparation time and an easy clean-up afterwards. This recipe serves three easily but you can always double or even triple the… Read more »