It’s been years since I’ve made a yeast bread, my past efforts being completely underwhelming. But the other day I had a craving for my favorite kind of bread, a rich, crusty baguette. It’s not like I can just head down to the supermarket or local bakery and buy one there, not a gluten-free baguette anyway. So I jumped online and looked for some recipes for making them myself. We’d already found a great gluten-free baking mix in bulk the… Read more »

Sometimes I like to surprise my husband with an elegant dish. Rich in choline, folate and biotin, eggs have become a new staple for me. What better way to showcase them than in a beautiful soufflé featuring my favorite cheese? This is an adaptation of a recipe from Food and Wine. I was doubtful about replacing butter with olive oil when making the roux, but it worked perfectly. Don’t let the perceived complexity of making a soufflé scare you – they are… Read more »