*Updated on 5 Feb, 2014* Gather together some MTHFR patients and start talking about what ails them. There’s a laundry list of associated illnesses for people with methylation defects and those illnesses do present among MTHFR patients. Autism, cancer, heart disease, fibromyalgia, infertility and recurrent miscarriages, Parkinson’s disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome and stroke are just a few of the chronic conditions where MTHFR gene mutations have been identified as a contributing factor. So any doctor who tells you that MTHFR isn’t… Read more »

This post is for all the young people out there. I’ll be 34 years old in just a few weeks, obviously still somewhat young myself, but I certainly wish I had become better informed about my health and more conscientious when I was in my early teens. I encounter many parents who are ordering genetic testing for their children or who have kids with health problems; they are working tirelessly to better the quality of life for their offspring. Some… Read more »