The holidays can be such a minefield for those of us who are strict about what we eat. Personally I find myself in circumstances almost every day where I have to say ‘no’ to some food or drink. Usually these are in situations with strangers like at business events, with supermarket samplers or just in my own mind when I’m looking at a menu. I never think twice about hurting someone’s feelings or whether a person is going to think… Read more »

*Updated on 5 Feb, 2014* When we’re feeling ill, vitamin and mineral deficiencies are probably among the farthest things from our minds to be the culprit. After all, when was the last time your doctor asked or advised you about your nutrition, other than perhaps telling you that it would be beneficial to drop a few pounds? Anyone can suffer from nutrient deficiencies, not just people with MTHFR gene mutations. And anyone experiencing health problems can gain an advantage by learning… Read more »